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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by jolt3500, Jan 13, 2010.

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    So the story is I have around 40 some autoblogs up that grab content from other blogs automatically... Everything is great, but I know unique content is KING and would make me rank in the SERPS much better. I would like to auto scrapper to keep going then also feed the blog unique articles.

    So a friend of mine has offered to write for me everyday (And it's cheap!) some good articles for all of my blogs. This sounds great but when put on paper it is a headache! This is where I need some advice to people that already do this.

    I am sure there are plenty on people out there (and I have read many threads) that hire freelancers or regular writers for their blogs. But my question is how do YOU automate this for yourself? Do you have your authors email it to you directly or send to straight to you blog via some automated method? I see that wordpress has a 'email to post' option but I have 40 blogs (plus 260 autoblogs when Im done) this could take forever getting that many email addresses (which I have no problem with if it works). And I still am not sure how this email to post will work out.

    Can some people please share how they are currently doing this with their hired writers. I am sure some of you may even have multiple authors that post in different blogs. I just am trying to find the best way to automate this for my automated-blogs! :)