How to post CPA link to Facebook without FB blocking the link? Can't get anything to work

Discussion in 'CPA' started by SantaInThailand, Nov 8, 2015.

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    Hey does anyone know if there is a working method to post your CPA link to Facebook? I have tried a couple of things that were recommended in older threads but can't seem to get anything to work. I have tried the following:

    • I post CPA link to FB directly -> FB blocks it immediately
    • I post CPA link to FB with URL shortener -> FB blocks it immediately
    • I post my own registered url with a 301 redirect to CPA offer -> FB lets me post it once, then blocks it completely
    • I cloak the affiliate link with a WP plugin and post the link to FB -> blocks after 1 post again.

    The only way i've got it to work is a landing page on my own url with a banner that redirects to the offer, that the users have to click themselves..

    I saw this thread recently: [METHOD] ྾྾྾ TRICK FACEBOOK and become a true Facebook Ninja! ྾྾྾ but people have commented that it doesn't work anymore either.

    Anyone know something that still works??
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    You can't post a CPA link that won't get blocked by Facebook.

    Solution - 1. Post a link to a temporary landing page. Like an opt-in form.
    2. After the user fills in the form(only their email is enough) then let it redirect to CPA offer/sales page.

    Posting a link of a paid domain which redirects to your offer doesn't help on Instagram either.
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