How To Optimize your YouTube Channel To Get More Views - Researched Article


Dec 22, 2014
Getting more views on your YouTube channel is encouraging and exciting at the same time. However, this is a smart game and whoever gets it right is going to automatically gain numerous views. This is because a majority of the so-called YouTube experts are going to tell you what has been used over a long period of time. Like the use of generic keywords, it helps but all of your competitors understand this and are carefully putting everything into consideration. Remember, YouTube is randomly changing its algorithms to ensure quality and interesting content for its viewers. Aside from creating what is likeable to its users.

1.Creating long videos

Research shows that longer videos have more watch time than a short video. This is due to the fact that long videos look as if they are more details. Moreover, YouTube statements outline that its main objective is to maintain viewers more on the YouTube space. So automatically due to a longer video, the YouTube algorithms will tend to rank you higher. This is due to the reason that longer videos increase your YouTube channel watch time longer watch time will make you rank highly.


2. Sidelining your YouTube channels with popular videos

If you want to be successful, it should always be wise to sideline yourself with success. YouTube has an algorithm that shows proposed videos and you are likely to take some of the views from the popular YouTube channel.

The step to go about sidelining is creating an exact meta tag to your new YouTube channel from popular video. Getting a meta tag is quite easy. You should left click your mouse to click the page source. The page source is going to show you the keywords use which you should also use to your YouTube channel. YouTube will assume that your contact is related and bring up your video as a suggested video.

3.Creating long description

Over a research done, longer descriptions bring about more viewers to your YouTube video blog. On the description which space is brought below the YouTube video shows an outline of what issues the video is bound to talk about. The description should be well drafted to ensure that it catches the eye of the audience and is ready it also to tell YouTube what you are offering. It is wise to put your introductory part between 100 and 250 words of the more important overview of your blog and leave out the minute details.

4.Introductory keyword

Research has shown that the introductory keyword is bound to bring about more traffic to your YouTube channel. An introductory keyword is the first word that appears on your YouTube channel title phrase.

A starting introduction to " Amazing tours: 7 places that you can visit " is bound to bring more traffic than a mere " 7- places that you can visit " .
YouTube is basically very keen on how you start your YouTube channel by emphasising on the first title keyword that you use.

5.Updating your content in such a manner that looks very recent

YouTube wants to give their viewers the most recent information n the rapidly changing world. They are very keen on ranking highly recent or updated information. Your YouTube channel might move over time but it always wise for you to make sure that it appears to be very recent.

6.Engaging your viewers.

Comments whether positive or negative make YouTube believe that people love your stuff. That is the reason why most people in the first place viewed and commented.

Instead of just asking people to comment below, you should ask people a question or do a call to action statement that will make a person feel a great urge to comment on your video.

You can add a caption Like what other SEO tool do you feel works best? at the end of your YouTube channel. it is also wise for you to reply some of the comments this will bring about huge comments do not think about the negative comments moreover they are adding to your videos views.



YouTube viewers want illustrations in terms of a practical example. If you are talking about trading it would be wise for you to put an actual trading picture or webpage on your YouTube channels. People want well-researched topics that are about to make their lives change. Even in entertainment, people want rich content that shows a mixture of diversity so illustrated videos are more likely to get more views and hence b rank higher, more importantly, they are going to make people subscribe.


Your thumbnail is what people are bound to see first. Being different will make people get attracted to you. Take an example that you are having eggs and one is golden you will tend to see it first. Color is very crucial to attract the eye .The commonly used colors on YouTube are red black and white. You can avoid using this and decide on blue purple orange or maybe grey this is going to make people attracted and hence your video is bound to rank very highly.


9 Parenthesis or Brackets.

Parenthesis work real magic improving your YouTube viewer traffic. In fact, they increase your audience by more than a third. Basically, you put an adjective maybe the current year that you are writing in between the parenthesis this is going to bring out great results for your YouTube channel. An example of a parenthesis or brackets is (2018) (BEST)

10.Learning from the past.

There are some of the videos that do really well. you should go to your YouTube analytic and check the traffic. You should also look at the place and time that most people drop off from your video. This will guide you in learning what your audience really wants and how to use. If your audience loves funny communication you can make a funny video that still drives out the point and keeps your viewers on their toes.


11.Choosing niche wisely

Some niches have tons of videos about them so basically getting ahead of them is quite hard. Get to where people are scared creating videos about but internet users really want the videos. YouTube loves a variety and you are bound to get ahead. One such topic is getting to doing reviews about products and services about different commodities. Rare niches are hard to make a video on but when you are through you will get handsome rewards for your hard work.
Good read thanks, I recently started my youtube journey and picked up a few new things from your thread.
now all of the niches are mostly saturated, eveyone it's doing videos on yt on every "piece of meat"
but that doesn't mean you will not succed, someone told me: so what ? do it there are 7 billion peoples and over 4 uses internet and youtube.
they will watch you if content it's good.
just think about it.
when you look at 1 video and in suggested appear 1 with same niche but you wanna watch that video aswell , right ? people loves to waste time on youtube , so go ahead and do it.
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