How to optimize keyword niches on branded site, WITHOUT COMPETITORS COPYING?

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    Hi all,

    I am relatively new to SEO, I would appreciate greatly any suggestions and I will try to help others as I gain more experience!

    BACKGROUND TO SITE: I have a branded website, reasonably well known in my market (downside is competitors visit regularly to secret shop us) and started to get some decent results on some obvious keywords in SERPs.

    PROBLEM: We now want to move our SEO on and have worked hard to find niche keyword phrases. If we optimize our pages with these, our competitors will at some point visit our site, and can easily check our title tags and just copy these hard to find niches on their own sites. Soon enough, the niche keyword phrases will no longer be nuggets of low cost traffic and conversions!


    1) Build another website that is not branded, specifically to optimize for my secret niche keywords. Problems are around how long that would take to go up in the rankings and having to create a page that converts that doesn't look like my current brand. Time consuming but this seems to me to be the safest. Thoughts?

    2) Dont put the niche keyword phrase in the title tag, but do put it in the other meta areas and text. Most of my competitors don't have much time, so I think this may suffice. But how easy is it to get to the top of SERPs without optimizing the title tag?

    3) Use a blog that is branded, but not linked from my main branded site. Seems strange but then only people who typed the keyword in google would click, go to my branded blog, then onto my website if they were interested. Easy to set up as I already have a small blog, just means removing the link from my site.

    Any suggestions, or comments really welcomed..

    thank you in advance!