How to optimase website without text

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    Hello, one of my projects is video related like youtube. So all about seo sux in my situation because I have 80k indexed pages but they have few words in the description because of the nature of this kind of websites. So I have a few questions:

    1. When I upload video lets say "the new song of X - video" and other websites upload it- they come on the 1 page and my pages are not even indexed for some time (or forever) .... I have pinged the page and put some social signal (fb, g+, Tweeter) .

    2. Most of the SEO tips say: content is king, but the stupid google cant see the videos, and it's not possible to force the users to make 500 word description for every video

    The domain is 5yo. and PR2. I have worked many years and I don't get almost nothing, when I pay my server bills (because video hosting need a loooot of storage). Any advices please ?