How To NOT treat your list – The don’ts

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    Everyone says do this and do that, but if you don't know the "don'ts" you might ending up wasting your time and money. So, here's what you shouldn't do (from personal experience):

    1. Stop offering completely free stuff to get people on board. Discounted stuff (eg-coupons) is better. You would get lesser people on board, but those that hop on are not looking for free lunch.

    2. It should be easy for your subscribers to opt out or change addresses. You make it too hard for them and they are going to hit the spam button.

    3. Don't ask why they hate Justin Bieber. You are not going to get your daughter married to someone from your list. So, ask for ONLY the info you need and keep your optin form short and simple.

    4. Don't sell your data - if you have that in mind mention it in your privacy policy.

    5. Don't bombard them with "weather report" em**ls every hour! If you've got nothing important to say, stay quiet. Crux - don't rap* your list with BS newsletters.

    6. Don't try to shove anything you can get your hands on down their throats every 24 hrs. Sell stuff that they'd treasure as buyers and don't sell too often.

    7. Don't "attach" your brilliant ideas. HTML or plain text works just fine and attachments actually scare people off.

    8. Don't keep sending the same format just because you've had some success with that. Every once in a while see what others are doing and experiment with different formats.

    9. Don't put all caps in your headers.

    10. Never insert more than 3 buy now links in your text. If the text looks too large and demands more than 3, you're probably doing it wrong.

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