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    Ok so say you have a buddy willing to fill out a few forms for you in order to fulfill a few of your affiliate offers, but you dont want the conversion rate to be 100%. Instead of sending proxy related traffic there I do this:

    1.) Make an account with yahoo answers (phony account)

    2.)Take the affiliate link you want to bring impressions and clicks to

    3.)Post answers on anything and everything that say exactly this

    "Definitely Check Here:

    Do this until you have run out of answers for the day.

    4.) These people will be all over your link! You can just sit there and refresh the page and watch all the clicks you will get!! ( if your lucky... maybe a conversion or two! ;))

    5.)Have your friend complete the offer after a significant amount of clicks have been made.

    only do this on campaigns where DIRECT trafficking to your offer is allowed.