How to not be a google slave + White hat AT ITS BEST + Creating an authority site

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    I had written this post somewhere else and decided to share with my BHW Mates too.
    here we start -

    "OMG! My site is penalized again!"

    Stop saying that.

    With every update, you cry because you were dependent on google only. You have definitely heard "never keep all your eggs in one basket".

    And that is why you always created many sites. However, in current penguin time --> Google = basket ^^ for many of you!


    A. How about creating a site where you don't have to depend on google?

    B. How about creating an authority site?

    C. How about making a site that is capable of bringing traffic on its own?

    D. How about making a site that gets love from social media sites automatically?

    E. How about making a site where if a user comes, he will read 10 more articles for sure?

    F. How about making a site which a user will recommend to his friends too?

    G. How about making a site that would never get penalized with any google update?

    H. How about if point G ^^ is wrong, even then you have nothing to worry about?

    I. I know many of you will say, "why a tutorial for doing above points? Just order magazine quality 1000 words articles from writers that have a college degree in that particular field". BUT how about I tell you how to do this thing in a much better and super easy way where you have to just follow the exact steps and which is as easy as 1,2,3?

    In this tutorial, I am going to explain things needed for all those A - I.

    I am going to talk about how to create a nice authority site... (also you can apply these techniques on your existing website)

    Lets learn making a nice site.

    Choosing a niche and keyword research --> NOT YOUR USUAL ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOL RE-RE-REPEATED TUTORIAL -->

    Go here Alexa Top 500 Global Sites

    Alexa has sorted all the sites according to their alexa rank/traffic here.

    Now click on "BY CATEGORY" tab i.e. go here--> Alexa - Top Sites by Category: Top
    Alexa has sorted all sites by traffic and category i.e in the health section, they have sorted all health sites according to their alexa rank.

    Now navigate through those categories (if you already have a niche/existing site in your mind then navigate through your site category).

    Now note down sites in notepad/XL... for example, if you went to health section, then keep noting sites in a notepad until you reached to a minimum alexa rank of 150k.

    Actually, the trick is finding big sites in your niche those have little content on them.

    Now here comes a question.

    Answer is -> Content that gets loved by people. Putting 10 thousand articles on a site gets it a hell load of traffic but who wants to spend that much? Why not just put 100 articles on site and get too much traffic?

    Take a look at this site --> Life'd
    Site has a total of 125 articles and it was sold for $205000

    ^^ site had content that was loved by people. Are not there many lifestyle magazines that have over 1000 articles on them? ALSO written by the so called "magazine quality" writers or whatever you say!

    If ^^ is true then why LifeD got too much traffic? Because of seo alone? NOPE. Definetely NOT.
    Check link profile of LifeD... it doesn't have many links.

    The only answer is, because users love the site more than anything. We are trying to do the same.

    Anyway, back to Alexa thing

    So you noted all sites (none having an alexa bigger than 150k) in your desired niche in notepad (or try with all the niches).

    Now fire Market Samurai (I don't know of a good replacement. It comes for free for 7 days and if you have more than 1 laptop then for 7 days more, or if you format the system, then for another 7 days OR fuck shit and buy it for 100$ )

    Go to "seo competition" section of market samurai

    Now click on "Add custom urls"

    When you will click on "Add custom urls", a box will open (as in above image).
    Put your all urls there.... Now Market samurai will show many stats about the domains.
    Look at the column named as IC.
    IC is the index count of a site. It gives us an idea about how many articles are there on a site (it shows results as per but fulfills our purpose).

    If a site has 500 IC then you can assume that the site has about 200 articles (just an idea. I know you can track exact count but who has that much time to check exact count of articles for every site?)

    Now keep doing ^^ until and unless you got a site that has an IC of less than 1000 (the lesser you can find, the better).

    Suppose you got 2 sites that have IC less than 1000.

    BINGO! Great chances that you just hit a jackpot!

    If the site is not a service providing site, then high chances that the site gets nice traffic because of nice content only.

    What to do now?

    Fire Scrapebox.
    and do this --> [​IMG]

    and now harvest for -->site:domain_which_you_searched_above

    Now you will get all urls from the website you finalized from alexa.
    Do ^^ for each domain that had less than 150K and less than 1000 IC.

    Now you have found almost all of the urls from those sites those were already having nice traffic and low count of articles.

    Now what?
    Suppose that scrapebox gave you 200 urls from the site.

    Now you can do 2 things.
    1. If you can afford, then give all those 200 urls to your writer and tell him to write an article for the same topic as given there (also tell him to use a different title than source url and don't use that url as the only source for writing the article. He should also search for similar topics on the web)
    2. If you can not afford that many articles then -->
    check for page PR of all those urls and pick urls that have high PR. Suppose you got
    40 PR4 urls
    60 PR3 urls
    50 PR2 urls
    and 50 PR1-0 urls

    then pick first 40 PR4 urls or 40 PR4 + 60 PR3 (whatever you can afford) and give those urls to your writer for writing an article for the topic on each url. (The trick is, higher the PR, higher the chances that it is a popular article.)

    Next, we dont stop here. We have to get more cool topics. Search for "your_niche magazine" in google OR pick the biggest site for your niche.
    Suppose you are interested in WEIGHT LOSS and you went to hxxp://

    then search for --> site:hxxp:// in scrapebox harvester and get all urls and check for PR of harvested urls and get articles written for urls, those have a high PR.

    Actually, higher the PR, higher the chances that it is a popular article.

    That is how, we get site_niche/site_topics for our site.

    Now next:

    Creating a site -->
    (skip this if you already have a site)-->

    We have only found niche and cool topics so far. Nothing has been done yet.
    Now its the right time to create a site.

    Conscious and sub-conscious mind:
    You need to understand ^^ before any other step. Look, there is something named "sub-conscious mind".

    If I ask you which soft drink (pepsi/coke/many_others) do you prefer and why, THEN all of you will answer that "because of its taste", because "I like this soft drink amongst all".

    Nope, that is not right. You prefer that drink because of your personality.

    Also, if I ask you what is your favorite color, then all of you will tell different colors, but the reality is that the favorite color of all of you is "blue". Look at your computer, look at all companies' logos. (Sub-conscious mind behind this thing)

    If you dont agree with me then go and watch a fuck load of sub-conscious mind videos on youtube. ALSO watch videos in which they have explained "why an advertisement is created".

    I can explain ^^ but there is no point in doing that because we are talking about sites/seo stuff here. Right?

    I talked about "Conscious and sub-conscious mind" because we have to pick color theme of our site carefully.

    Lets look at these magazines -->

    Why red, black, white on all 3 websites? Also, they have almost the same niche. All because of something named "advertisement", something meant for "attacking your sub-conscious mind".

    They have already done their research for "sub-conscious mind". Just enjoy their research for your own sake. We don't have to go in all that shit.
    You have to do this -->
    You got your niche. Now look for authority sites in your niche. Look at the color of themes, text, titles used by them. USE EXACT COLOR THEME FOR YOUR SITE.

    Finding a cool domain --->

    Find a domain that sounds like a brand. What else? You are creating an authority site. Stay away from embedding any type of EXACT MATCH KEYWORD in your domain name.... Just pick a name that shows your niche, that sounds like a big brand.

    Tip: when you search a keyword here then they show you many related domain names, many times they show superb available names there.


    Get a logo.

    Picking colors for a logo -->
    again look at logo of hxxp://

    Do they have almost same font? Almost same style in their logo?
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    YEP, you need to have same font for text of your logo (if u r doing a health/weight loss site).
    The trick is "big sites have already worked on their logo colors/font/style/design for attacking on sub-conscious mind of people. We need to use their research for our own sake)

    ALSO make sure your logo is more simple than anything.
    Take a look at logo of --> hxxp://

    There are many big brands that use exact pattern. Last word in a "BOX". Actually the catch is picking a domain name that people can remember easily and with a design like JustHost logo, you make it very simple for people to remember your logo.

    Your logo must be more simple than anything (written in plain ARIAL OR Adobe caslon pro is also a good thing).
    Ever seen any big site with a very complicated logo?

    I will suggest to go for JustHost type logo OR PLAIN TEXT logo. No need to hire someone from for 750 bucks.
    Hire someone from BST Design section. Tell him font. Tell him colors. Tell him design. He will do for little monies and you will have the best logo possible for your niche that is already made for attacking "sub-conscious mind of people".

    Putting articles on your site -->

    Get a nice theme.. Make proper categories (again take a look at biggest sites in your niche and make your site structure better than them) and now start posting articles.

    What else?
    And hell yes, do a fucking hard interlinking.. the more you can do, the better.. dont use any wordpress plugin... do it yourself and in a way that it looks legit percentile hundred.

    A recap of everything till now-->

    1. You went to where they have sorted sites according to alexa rank CATEGORY WISE.
    2. You noted sites of any particular niche. You noted all sites of your niche having alexa less than 150k.
    3. You searched for sites from your list that have low count of articles on them.
    4. You found all articles on those sites and picked articles that have HIGH PR.
    5. You also went to authority sites in your niche and picked urls that have high PR.
    6. You got content re-written for almost same topics.
    7. You created a logo, site structure, site colors those are meant for attacking on sub-conscious mind of your users.

    What next? -
    Put an email marketing box on your site. (aweber/mailchimp etc)

    Make sure your site is the easiest for a user to share with his audience on social media sites.

    Very important --> putting images on your site-->

    Don't take an image from web and put on your site. There are 2 ways to get images for free --->

    1. Free Photos - Free Images | - Free Stock Photos AND free stock photos . Free image sharing websites

    2. Get a designer from odesk for $1.5 per hour (for that price, u can get. Trust me). Order illustrations from them.

    Getting content writers those are expert in your site niche -->
    Why order content from "just someone"?

    How about getting someone who is cheap AND is expert in your niche?

    If you want "experts for your niche exactly" then click this - Search for Freelancers and go to -->

    Narrow by industry> Your_site_niche.

    VOILA! you got writers who know about your niche (you need to cross check with them also)

    NEXT --->
    Setup a few author profiles. Connect them to a google plus account (authorship). Use them (to be honest, I have never done this thing myself but since this time goog wants this, no harm in doing this.)

    Once author profiles are set, do posting for each section of your site from a separate account. (try using different ips while creating those google plus accounts.)

    Also setup all the social media profiles for your site.

    Use a service like : feed your blog to twitter and facebook (or do urself) to publish new posts on those pages.

    Setup all those contact us page, about us page etc (nothing to write. You already know)

    Getting a little traffic for your site -->

    Since you have a superb site now, there are very high chances that it will go viral. You need to check if little traffic can do some sort of magic.

    Do these things -

    1. Once ur site is setup, do a PRweb news release blast for it. I would advise to not concentrate on any keyword with your release. Try writing the release yourself. PRweb reach is the best (in my opinion). Normally PRweb sends some traffic. Once you have some traffic, there are high chances that things will be on your side.

    2. Find big fan pages on facebook in your niche. Contact "admin" of those pages. Now a days, facebook offers an option to "promote" a particular post.... I have a fan page of 175k fans and they ask $100 for promoting a post to my all fan page members.

    Suppose you have a health site, now find a big fan page in health niche. And tell admin to do a post on his fan page and promote it. Offer some money to Admin. Once he does, there are chances... you know.

    3. Find big fan pages on facebook. Contact admin... Ask him if he will sell his fan page. You can easily get a 50k members fan page for 100$. I bought my 175k fans page for $135. Once you own a fan page, you can always promote your site from there and get traffic.

    I know those ^^ things are probably/definetely not enough for ROI from your site.

    You need more traffic for your site OR call it "off page optimization" -->

    There are many sources for getting traffic:
    1. Social media sites
    2. Google (BITCH)
    3. Videos
    4. Image traffic generating places
    5. Building relationships with same_niche_site_owners to gain quality traffic and links from quality sites in your niche - bloggers outreach (guest blog posting, not talking about guest posting being sold in BST).

    Each of the above written points need a super long tutorial. I will be writing each of them shortly.

    One by one.
    thanks for reading
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    Right, so if you just put good content on a site, you don't need search engines. People will find it on their own by bleeding psychic means. I can see now where I have been wrong all along. Google will be gone by this time next year.
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    Wow, amazing! Gonna check some points for my own sites!

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    Google HQ
    Beautiful thread my friend!
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    Great post mate!! I read all of it and have stuck it in my SEO bible.
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    Great, detailed post. I am sure it will help a lot ot people.
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    Great post mate.

    People this is why I keep using this guy for my off-page SEO. He clearly knows his stuff and his services produce results :).
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    Perfect! I'm building a white hat site and this thread would really help me to shape my blog.
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    $ from websites I own.
    putting monkeys in paypal
    Great ideas on locating the best sites in a niche worthy of duplication. To the snarks chuckling at no traffic from Google means people don't know how to find the site, learn what social media marketing is about m'kay?
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    Awesome post, I appreciate it!
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    I like this thread and your method. I intend to apply it. I too detest being dependence on greedy g masters of control, censorship, and monopoly.

    Today I got some emd cause had it on sale for $1.50. Godaddy has it for under $3. So you offer offline seo services?
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    You brought up some great information / points here seoguy, great share :)
    Everything is laid out neatly and in an understandable way -- the most important thing is, this sounds very promising.

    I've been thinking of starting an authority site (have been reading every post I can find) and you've laid out how to begin very well; guess I'll be on my way and start building!

    - Metra
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    Great post. Old info but you put it together well.
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    Now that's what I'm talking about. Sharing something that actually works that's a bit outside the box. Just repped you coz that was beautiful.
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    That's some beautiful info there. Nicely laid out. Its going to require some substantial investment, but if you're looking to build a solid authority site, this is key.

    .... friend if you have that much well optimized content, and you do just the PR Web Release, some Social Media Outreach, and put a few quality posts on high traffic sites (which the site owners would love for you to do due to how quality your site is), mayby a few Digg/Reddit/Stumble Upon stories, and I would through in a few media buys on high traffic niche sites.... you're not going to need to build links, they'll all freaking link to you in blog posts, editorials, reviews, shares.
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    This thread started in time for me.

    I planned to go white hat in steady manner. I picked a niche, registered a domain. I was planning to rewrite articles from article directories and your thread is really a eye opener for me.

    Thanks for coming in at correct time.
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    Great advice, thank you.
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    Good useful share! - Thanks buddy

    + 4 rep on your way now :)