How To Monetize Your Threads

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    Before anything can i get some rep+ for this thanks .

    How To Monetize Your Threads

    Hello, i am going to show you how to make extra cash from your threads.
    Just think, you create threads, write tutorials, share stuff, why not to make
    few extra bucks out of it?
    If you keep reading, bellow i will describe every method that can help you get income from posting in forums!

    Method 1: Money From Images
    You Get Paid Up to $2.60 For Each 1000 Image Views.
    Minimum Payment Only $1.00.
    Payments Via Paypal or AlertPay or or Liberty Reserve or MoneyBookers or WebMoney (WMZ).
    Register Here:

    Method 2: File Sharing
    You Get Paid $25 For 1000 Downloads
    Minimum Payment Only $10.00.
    Payments Via Paypal, AlertPay, WebMoney
    Register Here:

    Method 3: Link Shortening
    You get Paid For Every Click On Your link.
    Minimum Payment Only $5.00.
    Instant Payment.
    Payments Via AlertPay, Paypal.
    Register Here:

    Method 4: Signature
    Never Leave Your Signature Empty, Add Banner Whit
    Referral Link In It. Use spam Banner, You Get 20% Earnings
    From Referrals

    Combining All Methods In To One
    Lest say you create tutorial that contains images, files, and links.
    For images use Image Twist
    Post images in thumbnails, then images will get clicked more.
    For file sharing use Deposit Files
    For files download links use Link Bucks
    Use your signature for referral link
    This way you will be making money from 4 different methods in
    one thread.

    How Much Money You Can Make
    Lets say you make minimum payments every week.
    So you make 1$ from Image Twist + $5 from Link Bucks + $10 from Deposit Files you get $16 every week.
    This is $64 every month, $768 every year. Don't forget i counted only
    minimum payments, you can make much more!!!
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    Hmm.. is that a joke? That spam link is a site for grocery store spam :D