How to monetize this "Payday Loans" leads?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by AnthonyCorleone, Jul 1, 2014.

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    so back in a day i got negative seo with keyword "Payday Loans" all URL's was from .ru zone and it was about 200-300 of them coming slowly growing drip-feedly everyday and afcourse I disavow them as we go as I see them but long story short my site was already ranking #9 for Payday loans and is completely got nothing to do with this niche but Im still receiving shit tons spam offering me accept some kind a money transfers and now Im getting phone calls from robots offering me loans

    the Data I collect of this spammers is so huge and might be even worth a something which Im trying find out this from Payday Loans experts here what should I do with it?

    so the questions is hw to monetize this what should I do with all this loans offers ? I get about 2-3 calls a day and 10-20 emails a day from legit looking source offering most of the time loans and claiming im pre-approve etc... anyway looking to some advice's perhaps split profit 50/50 if we can make some profit of them
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    just get a cpa account with a payday offer and send them to your link
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    There are a couple of good offers, there even is one that pays you $10 per email submit. Doesnt sound as great as $50 per qualifying lead but in my experience it actually rakes in more money as people are far more likely to submit their email than fill out the entire thing. I think it was neverblue that ahd that offer
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    I'm trying to work out if your OP is serious, or delirious...