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Nov 2, 2009
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Hey guys,

Im currently ranked #1 for my keyword on G and Im getting 300 UV / day.

On my website, visitors enter their email adress and my system send them an item. That is the main goal of my site. Im actually gathering lot of emails for my niche.

Ok yeah, emails are cool but hey, I am not actually making any money with my site right now.

So I thought that maybe you guys could help me find ideas on how to monetize all this.

Here's my ideas up to know:

1. Use a CPA gateway before letting users enter their email to get the desired item.

2. Once the user entered his email adress, redirect him to a ads/cpa full landing page (I really dont know wich type of ads to put there to get a good CTR)

3. Place Adsense ads there & there.

Any Ideas?
by cpa gateway do you mean brads black hat content breaker? you can use this to collect emails into an opt in list, or just lock content so people have to fill in a survey to continue.

depending on what kinda site it is and what niche is what you'll want to use for cpa offers.
The thing is if I use a CPA gateway, Ill lose lot of emails everyday because people wont want to fill the survey and they wont be able to submit their email.
I don't know your niche and conversion. But if you have a solid conversion (30%++) and could increase traffic to your site, you'd have a nice email list very soon and could do some serious (white hat) email marketing by offering affiliate products.
are you getting 300 UV a day or 300 emails? Well you should do whitehat email marketing with the emails. Simply send them emails with offers that are interesting for your niche and maybe use some that give u some coupons u can offer them
I do have a solid conversion (45% ++) so around 150 emails / day.
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You will need to have a content that people really want to use a gateway. Otherwise like it was said before you will lose peoples interest.
Maybe you could try building your list even more, and once that you have a massive list get to know your niche's need and satisfy them. Just a suggestion.
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