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    What is Schemer?

    Schemer is a tool for helping people discover, schedule and share things to do in the offline world. It is a new social network from
    Google, currently by invite only.

    This is the official explanation of the service.

    ?Whether it?s exploring a new city, checking out a friend?s movie recommendation, or just finding new activities for your weekends, Schemer lets you discover new things to do, share schemes with friends, and make the most of your day.?

    Okay.. so it is a new Yelp or Foursquare?

    Pretty much, yes.

    In short, Schemer lets you to define goals which you want to accomplish and also mark the things which you have already accomplished. In Schemer you can inspire other people or find people who have the same interest and goals like you and then join the conversation for mutual development.

    You can find a scheme easier in Schemer by adding tags and location to the listed things in your scheme. Google also partnered with some media entertainers like Bravo, Rolling Stone, Food Network, IGN and Entertainment Weekly, where the members can get ideas from your friends who have same interest and also from experts who are specialized in that.

    Okay.. and why are you telling me this?

    Simple, because Schemer can earn you cash!

    You never know with Google services but this might very well be the next Pinterest. If so, you sure as hell want to be on the train once it leaves the station.

    And how can I monetize on Schemer then?

    1. You post a scheme regarding your client. Imagine your client is a restaurant in your city. Then it could look something like this.


    After that, you make sure to fix a lot of nice comments about your client and their service.


    2. You do the same with a product you promote as an affiliate or your own product.

    Do you promote a weight-loss product? Well, perhaps you should make sure that a lot of positive comments about your particular product is posted together with a url to your site.


    This is just a few ways.. I am sure you can think of quite a few more.

    Does it work for European- or other countries except from the U.S?

    Currently, only U.S are officially supported. However, people outside the U.S are also allowed to join and more and more international schemes are posted.

    You have convinced me ? how do I sign up?

    First of all, you have to create a
    Google+ account to be able to join. After that, I suggest you do a search on Google for the term It should be quite easy for you to find a working invitation link.

    I got several questions I want to ask!

    I am sure you do. First, join Schemer. Play around with it and make sure you understand all the features and functions.

    After that, come back and we?ll see if I or someone else can help.

    Can I purchase any working Schemer software which does the job for me?

    As far as I know, no, but I am sure some software developer will make one sooner or later.

    I want to learn more about Schemer!

    Perhaps this video could help you out.

    :) To Your Success, :)

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    Nice to see Google getting a little smarter - they finally bought a new domain for a project. :)
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    We'll make a working social network one day... We will...