How to monetize from Adult Photos of Playboy?


Apr 14, 2014
I've got my own playboy plus account that I want to monetize from like sharing the photos set updated daily so How can I ?
@John. - This is not the type of promotion that he wants to do.

The OP wants to download the daily photoset then upload it to a image host that pays for views, and then share it to various forums.

@ OP - Sharing one photoset per day will probably yield no more then 10 -15 cents, so it isn't really wort all the hassle. I suggest you drop this idea/method and try something else.
I'm not getting their program.Is Membership of playboy mandatory there ?

Is it like advertising playboy content over forums n earn from affiliate or is it like i can share daily picsets to download like i want them to ?

By daily sharing of pic set i meant that i will share daily but before that i will upload picset of previous days like of the top models first

But don't know how to monetize from that ?

Should I use PPD for them ?
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