how to monetize existing prepaid adult accounts

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    first of all, hello to most, i have posted in the past but usually buying or selling.

    Soo heres whats up...

    i have ~$800 in prepaidporn cards. adultprepaid . I have approx 50 $10/10 day cards and 50 $5/5day cards.

    Id like to use some kind of content lock/gateway or even use them as incentive. Complete an offer (i was thinking a email submit adult sponsor) and get a login. Obviously the $10 card would require a higher paying offer or even multiple.

    my main question is... is there something in place for this or will i need to make a script?

    One option was... I could make a script that loaded all the logins and just logged in with them and let the surfers use my prepaid account through my domain. Kind of hard to explain and prob not my best option

    So im asking for everyones help... If you had these cards, how would you monetize? im close to putting them on ebay