How to monetize a top level exact match keyword domain to its max

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by johnconnor, May 5, 2011.

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    Hej :)

    I managed to grab a top level exact match keyword domain in the clothing (underwear) niche. Now I am wondering how to squeeze the maximum potential out of this domain. My usual course would be Version 1 but I am wondering if I could make more money with implementing a new method.

    Version 1: Write tons of SEO'd articles and slap Adsense+Amazon on the site plus maybe affiliate shops links.

    Version 2: Create Amazon Astore (Problem: No unique content, might be difficult to rank)

    Version 3: Create my "own" shop with this particular type of clothing (need to find a reliable dropshipper for this though).

    Any other suggestions?

    Or should I simply do a mix of Version1&2 or Version1&3? But I have done that before and found that most people exit the site via adsense and not via the Amazon Astore or such...

    I am also unsure whether I should optimize the domain for german or english (its the same word in both languages). There are more searches for it in english (obviously) but there are more rivals as well. On the other hand the creation of articles is cheaper in english than in german and i could use internalsouls excellent linkbuilding service ;) therefore i tend to go with english...

    I'm also open for potential JVs with someone who has a shop in this niche etc.

    Any input is welcome. :D
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    I am in a very similar situation, what did you end up doing?