How to monetize a political commentary site?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by tbootz, Feb 1, 2009.

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    My dad runs several blogs with his own political commentary. He's a professional writer and his writing is excellent, so the content is top notch. He has had some viral video's and blog posts as well and has a solid 100+ daily visitor list with minimal work. He's been looking into monetizing the site and I offered to do the work for him in exchange for a cut of the profits. Since the content is done by him there's really no work on my side besides giving his site a much needed facelift which would boost conversions and monetizing it.

    He doesn't want to run adsense, etc that would clutter or compromise his content, but he's open to selling shirts, mugs, etc with his custom satirical images and logo's which have been quite popular. So one angle I'm looking into is finding a drop shipper that would create these custom products and ship them costumers.

    Since he doesn't want any crap that would compromise his website, I'm looking for other ways to monetize it that support his content like the shirts/mugs etc. That means no polls, popups, etc.

    PPC is not out of the question if his shirts, etc sell well to further capitalize on them.

    Any other "legit" ways I could monetize this blog without it seeming like I'm trying to make a quick buck off him and driving away potential visitors?
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    Perhaps you could set up a way for visitors to donate. I'm not sure though, I'm usually trying to make a quick buck more than I am trying to keep visitors lol.
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    Use some CPA offers that pay per lead. The offers could be email submits, free trial, etc. You might want to set up a poll that is related to the hottest political issue and eventually send the visitors to the offer landing page.