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How to monetize a Facebook fanpage for tv-series?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Kayzen_, Nov 9, 2013.

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    Mar 31, 2012
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    I have read Luke Peerfly´s article on how to built a fan page for a tv-series, and I try to set up a test fan page as well. I want to start with one and see if it works, so then I can scale up things with the fptraffic.com tool.

    My idea was to set up a Quote-Fanpage for any popular tv show. I would like to post memes and quotes put on screenshots or pictures to increase the interaction from the fans. I already saw that Luke is using tumblr, Pinterest, Imgur, deviantART and the Google Image-Search to find new content.

    I still have some points I am unclear about. Maybe you can help me and give some advice.

    1. Do I have to fear legal difficulties for violating image copyrights or any copyrights at all? Is the usage okay by giving credits to the source? What about editing images (like putting a filter on it or a quote)?

    2. How do you monetize such a fan page effectively? Do you put in affiliate links to amazon for merchandising and series-related stuff or do you try to drive traffic to an external blog about the topic?
    I don´t think mylikes.com and similar sites provide too much related content to make consistent money, and it could be annoying for many followers.

    3. Is it advisable to create the fan page with a fake account?

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