How to Monetize a 100 IG accs x 10k Followers?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Loh Jie Sheng, Sep 23, 2016.

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    Hi guys, I did the IG OGads method and launched my campaign successfully and was consistent everyday since my first day for 3 and a half days and then I got banned like everyone else. Too bad i found out about this method too late.

    I was about to expand my fleet to reach 150 accounts right before i got PVA Ban. I purchased 120 accounts that I did not get a chance to use. I am about to begin a journey to get 1 to 2 Million followers or more spread out over 100 accounts. I understand that the followback ratio is around 20% so it will take me approximately 200 days following at a rate of 500 accounts per day to reach 2 million.

    I am certain that i can get good targeted followers.

    How do i monetize this well enough to make a passive income? Sadly the only person that i can find that did this was and the conclusion was that he didnt make money out of his investment and time.. At least not at this moment yet.

    I am looking for Suggestions or Advice whether this would be a journey worth walking, as well as how to monetize it. Im thinking, a pluginstore that links to exact product on Amazon.
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    Grow your followers and money will flow in automatically. There are multiple of options for you to use not just ogads. U could use lead generation methods and get paid for leads or even sell shoutouts or followers. 1 million would be huge number of followers. Many would he willing to pay 10-100$ a shout out from such big accounts. So monetisation options would be plenty. Plan and grow your accounts.. Rest will follow. . What tool do you use to manage your 100+ accounts.? How many accounts do you plan on having for reaching your 2million goal? Good luck.. Cheers!