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How to Make Your First $1000 With Affiliate Marketing In Less Than 30 Days

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by antokay, Oct 6, 2015.

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    Apr 21, 2014
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    Make money as an affiliate is not a rocket science, it only required some trick that can make you achieve such goal without any stress. There millions of affiliate marketers but only few people are really making money while other are making less than their efforts.
    Below is the simple ways to make your first 1k through affiliate marketing:

    Step 1: Find hot market that has buyer intention.

    Step 2: Break the market to niche,for example if your market is dating, you can break it down to dating for women, dating for women over 40,online dating etc

    Step3.Find expired domain: You may not be able to achieve your goal of making 1000 dollar within a month with new domain because to rank such domain to get traffic may be difficult. There are many places to get expired domain such as
    expireddomain dot netIs a free, it only requires to register to get list of expired domain.
    hermaddomain dot com is another place to get expired domain but is a paid, but the owner always list 10 expired domain with good metric every day, you can check it.There are many things attached to buy expired domain, so do more search and learn how to get best domain.
    Expired domain with PR 2 at least
    Page authority=20+
    Domain authority =20+
    Trust flow=15+
    Citation flow=15+
    The above are just few things you need to know before but expired domain, you need to read more about expired domain to avoid spamming

    Step 4. Find affiliate programs: There are many affiliate programs you can register with but for the sake of this article I will recommend the following affiliate program to start with clickbank and markethealth dot com .

    Step 5 : Look for hot product you can promote. There are thousands of products on clickbank as well as markethealth. You can get hot product on clickbank through their gravity at least 10.Also at markethealth,there are some hot product under beauty,weightloss especially women related niche will work well.

    Step 6: Write the review of product as many as possible. Yes, you should know how to write the review of the product, but if you have not writing review before, you can search Google to learn more.

    Step7: Promote the product through social networking such as Google plus, Facebook, Twitter and more. Remember getting traffic is the hardest work but if you can get a good expired domain it will make your work easier.

    Step 8: Continue writing reviews at least four reviews per week with low keyword. You can also promote the review site with paid adverts like Google Adword,ping and Facebook.
    Following the above steps will help you, if you can get such amount at the end of the first month, do not quite, continue and latter you will get there. It only requires commitment.
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