How to make your autoblog high quality with a high CTR

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    Note: I am new to the autoblog game, if any of my presumptions are wrong, please, PLEASE, correct me. The questions I need answered are at the bottom of the post.

    I have 3 autoblogs currently that I have been working on since August, and have made around $30 total so far. 2 of these blogs are being worked on by someone I hired to do SEO, essentially building a few link wheels, directory submissions, building backlinks, etc. for 5-10 keywords for each site, with each keyword having anywhere from 500 searches daily to several hundred thousand searches daily.
    The results however, are coming in a bit slower than anticipated. It has been a month and work is still being done on the sites, but I am starting to see several of the keywords doing the fabled "google dance", although none of the keywords have broken into the top 100 yet. Around 130~ is the highest I have seen a keyword rank so far, but they change rapidly as of recent. Although I am not sure how reliable Market Samurai is on rank tracking.

    Anyways, down to the real topic.
    My 3rd site, the one that is currently not being worked on, is what I would like to try and rank several keywords for on my own while the other 2 are being finished up. However, I am not quite sure what the most efficient way to do that is. So far directory submissions, xrumer blast, article marketing, social bookmarking are all choices I am considering as they seem fairly efficient.

    So I have these few questions that I need answered:

    1). Which of those, or rather any method would make it the easiest to rank for multiple keywords?

    2). Is having aggregate content just being posted from RSS feeds through WP-robot effective? Or would posting a few original, keyword rich posts every week or every other week with aggregate content supplementing it be more effective? I would much rather have a few high quality "semi-auto" blogs rather than a few hundred zero quality autoblogs.

    3). I have premium themes on all my sites (flexx themes), and they look better than most free themes. However, I am still getting a horrible CTR on all sites. I get about 90~ page impressions at least per day according to adsense, about 200~ UV according to hostgator. If I'm lucky, I might get a click every few days. How can I increase my CTR, and what could I be doing wrong?

    4). I currently am monetizing my sites with just adsense. Is it recommended to do more things? Is it possible for WP-robot to auto put in things like amazon aff. and ebay? Or what else is good for monetizing my sites?

    If requested, I will post my sites so you guys can tell me what I am doing wrong. But only on request.

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    WP Robot puts in Amazon ads very well. It will also put in Ebay items. Additionally with a little effort you can make your own templates. I use my own template to inject some select CPA offers into my blogs.