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how to make targeted facebook page in one week

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by bluehazard, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. bluehazard

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    Jan 21, 2015
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    i will teach you guys how to make targeted facebook pages, if your likes are not targeted you will not get good result, for example, it's worth to have 10 k page with targeted fans than 50 k page with not targeted likes. for example if you have page about cars and you want to get many targeted likes as fast as possible, there are few steps that you must do:

    1: get fb account, verify it with phone, then add middle name of something like "BMW" or "MERCEDES" , add pictures of cars to your accounts.

    2: now you must search groups about bmw, or mercedes, then comment on posts and tell people that you are from some BMW or MERCEDES fan club (don't make more than 9-10 comments per day, or you will be banned) , also it's very important, that you must make logo for your fake fan club and attach it to your comments, you must use little creative here, they will add you if you will do everything right, you will receive big amount of friend requests in few hours, than add them, add about 40-50 accounts, and also try to not add anyone in 1 or 2 days in week, you can add more, but chance for ban will increase and remember, don't send friend requests, you must only accept them, otherwise facebook will ban you.

    3:when you reach 1000 friends change your account name , and name it "best cars" or something like this, it will be name of your page. it's important to have about 5-6 accounts at one time, when you reach 1000 friends together it will be about 5-6 k friends, when you rename all of them to same name, convert all of them to fb pages (search in google "how to convert facebook account to page) they must be business pages to do next steps!!! and give name of "best cars" if your account name is "best footballers" you can not name it to cars, it's very important, that name of account and name of new page are same, after that give yourself admin in all of these pages, you must type email of your admin account, i have 2 or 3 accounts for this, it's because if one of them will banned others still will remain, if you had only 1 admin and fb banned it, than you can not access your page anymore.

    4:go to merge pages (google it : "how to merge facebook pages") and merge all of these pages to one page, it's important, that all of them must have same name !!! you only can merge small page to page with more likes than first one, when you will done you will have 6 k page with targeted fans !!! but it's your choice, you can add 2 k or more friends in all of these accounts and you can have not 6 but 16 or more accounts, but chance for banned from facebook will increase then, for more security use multiple computers and login for only 4-5 accounts per day with same computer and try to leave some of them inactive in one day in a week for more security. also it's important to like pages, profile pictures, talk to people in chat, leave comments, so your profiles will look like more real and facebook will not ban you, also guys, i didn't recomend you to use facebook tools , they can deface all of your accounts in one second if something goes wrong, i recomend to work manually and also don't use proxies and vpn - s, it's one wrong step and all your work goes for nothing.


    sorry for my bad english :(
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