How to make my channel rank top. Is this a good plan?

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    I am making a new channel, based on Fitness & Health.
    Amount of work put in:
    1 Video per day (around 35 per month), quality videos.

    Immediately as channel starts I will be posting it on my SM networks, and purchasing some views for all the videos, my goal is to average at about 3million views in the first month.

    For ranking purposes I am thinking of buying 3000 PVA YT Accounts, and liking/Subing/Commenting/Favoriting all my videos.
    So that will be 3000*35=105 000 Likes/105 000 Favorites/ around 10 000 Comments, and of course will get over 10 000 Subscribers in first month.

    I will then purchase quite a few fiverr gigs to backlink my introduction to the channel/site video, I will post it on all social medias etc and make sure to advertise it.

    All my videos and my channel will link back to my Webpage/Social Media pages.

    What else can I do to rank higher?
    I am thinking of buying that Youtube Bot for 57$ on the BST to do these...
    I want my channel to rank highly.

    ALL VIDEOS ARE LEGAL/WHITEHAT, and I will monetize them in september.
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    use this video as a start... try to 'access' people's funny bone
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    Get 1 Free Fb Accounts
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    not a bad idea
    But i don't have experience in ytube
    Gud luck
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    no idea why you posted that video mate or how it relates.
    My channel will not be comedy, and won't be random videos.
    I know which videos I will make, I am asking how I can make them appear in top pages of youtube/google.
    Backlink building? Is there a good tool for keyword/video SEO?
    And the bot I am asking for, where can I find a good one?
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    Social signals use addmefast and youlikhits and blast the videos with a thousands on each platform.

    Make fanpages on sites like twitter pinterest and facebook buy some fake followers/fans which will stick and repin, share and tweet your videos, if you have fake accounts with real friend repost with them accounts to, also with facebook there is a plugin to send fanpage invites, its not very fast though, anyway your videos should have something like this on them.

    From social exchange sites
    Twitter retweet X 1000
    Facebook post shares x 1000
    Facebook likes x 200
    Pinterest repins x1000

    then use your fake accounts to get some more traffic.

    Also with facebook when you start to get a following, find funny videos about your niche "fitness" so someone dropping the weights because they didnt have any clips to hold the weight on.

    And just post these as videos NOT youtube videos.

    find a hundred then just post one everyday you will get people sharing these funny videos and you will get followers.
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