How to make money with squidoo blog?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Masterptc, Jul 24, 2012.

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    I have a squidoo lens about a certain fast food thats getting about 50+ organic hits a week.
    It seems like no one likes clicking adsense because i still have not gotten 1 click,
    maybe its cause my lens is very imformative, i believe my lens should be on google's 1st spot, for multiple keywords, but not sure how to keep making my lens move up?
    All i've basically been doing is adding fresh quality content and thats been keeping visitors on my site and my rankings with squidoo pretty good, maybe someone can recommend some good methods to increase my squidoo and google rank?

    Is there a good recommended way i can monetize my lens?
    I tried adding a fast food coupons cpa offer at the very bottom but still no luck.
    Recommended ideas would be appretiated. Thanks!
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    You have to think of your Squidoo lenses, in terms of marketing, like any other blog. So that means bookmarking, link campaigns, smm, and Squidoo even has submission sites that help you get exposure. If you need any additional help you can reach me on skype: bethebest222 :eek: