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How to make money with EDX.org Idea

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by msuper28, Feb 20, 2015.

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    Dec 10, 2009
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    I've found this Idea somewhere, if I remember on Hackforums some days ago (I know it's full of scammers and noobs) but this idea I've found is quite clever and can be scaled up (I still not tried it).
    Basically you help people to complete edX.org courses, people pay you and they get completed courses.

    I don't know how much this idea is ethic but it requires lots of work: you need first to find a good course/niche on edX then you need to study it very well and pass the MIT/Harvard online test and then you offer/sell to people what you learnt.
    Well, have a good reading and good luck. If you have other ideas and twists for this method, you can share here.

    Here you go the original idea (credits go to the author) :

    "This is something I really was considering going all out on and turning it into a $500+/day business but I simply do not have the time so I have decided to share it with you guys.

    Not a single person on planet earth is doing this method so if you are the first one to offer it you control the prices.

    Let's get right into it...

    edx.org is a site that let's you take college courses from the world most prestigious colleges for free. After completion with a passing grade you receive a certificate from that school.

    People use these to boost their resumes and even high school students use these to help them get into colleges.

    The Trick Is... not all courses are created equal. For example I took a Big Data course from MIT. Guess how much work I had to do, 0, nil squat nada. Because the course simply had you check a bunch of check boxes off saying:
    Did you read chapter 1 []
    Did you watch chapter 1[]

    I checked all the boxes off and finished the course with a 100% and I now have a certificate on big data from MIT in my name

    This is an extreme example. Courses like Harvard Computer Science have you do mini programming projects that get graded by Harvard students.

    Here is the simple version of the business strategy:

    1. Create an edX account
    2. Enroll in as many courses as you can from schools people would desire (Harvard, MIT, Gerorgetown, Cornell etc..) Avoid smaller named schools
    3. Once the course starts do a quick scan to get a feel for how easy the course is. If you feel you can complete it within 4-5 hours it's a winner.
    4. Save your answers that you used
    5. Create a sales thread offering full completion with a passing grade and certificate to specific edX courses you choose.

    Once you complete the course and have all the answers it should take you no longer than 5-20 minutes to complete the course on other peoples accounts.

    You don't even have to do the work you can hire cheap virtual assistants from fiverr, or microworkers making this 100% autopilot and hands off. Or you can build a team of members here from HF to offer a ultra HQ service.

    $ Pricing $
    Think with me here for a second... Nobody in the world offers edX course completion services, and a lot of people would be glad to pay a pretty penny to get certificates from Harvard, MIT, Cornell etc..

    You should price courses based on how quickly it takes you to complete it for them, the relevance of the course and on the prestige of the school.

    Pricing Examples:

    EXAMPLE 1:

    This course is from Harvard, it's extremely relevant to almost all business, finance, account, and economics minded people (even regular people), and having taken a quick look at it once you have the answers it only takes about 15 minutes to replicate the work (it's 90% multiple choice).

    An appropriate price would be between: $60-180 for completion of this course depending on where and who you are selling to (will get more into that near the end)

    EXAMPLE 2:

    School is not Harvard level but is still quite respected, topic is very relevant to a lot of people (business), the course has not started yet but let's assume it requires about 20 minutes to complete once you have the answers.

    An appropriate price would be between: $30-120

    But remember you are the boss and you make the prices.

    Before this gets too long the final point I want to touch on:

    How and Where to Sell
    The best strategy would be to get sales threads on multiple forums + combine in person word of mouth.

    Image having 5-6 HQ threads selling your service on forums just like this one. Combine that with on campus word of mouth marketing (yik yak + flyer gigs on fiverr) and you can easily generate 10 sales per day equaling around $500+

    Offer A Special Bonus! Remember this is a service mostly being offered to people too lazy or too busy to do the courses. Offer a 'bonus' tell them as part of the package you provide them with a one page word document crash course on what was covered in the course. That way they feel more comfortable in case people ask them about the certificate and what they learned from the course in the future."
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