How to make money with Cashback

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    I wasn't sure were to post this thread but I thought I would post a couple of deals for people. Unfortunately, these are only good for the US but you might learn something from it to apply it to other countries with Cashback sites.

    1st deal expiring soon: You can goto a cashback site and search DirecTV NOW and click through the store. One site is offering $32 dollars cashback. Prepay one month of the lowest plan for $35 dollars and get a Free Amazon Fire Stick. Total cost after cashback is $3.00 dollars. Must be a new sign up for directv now or well I am sure you can figure it out if you are not new. Also, if you are new to cashback sites you can find a referral from someone and usually get the Fire Stick for better than Free.

    2nd deal also expiring soon: Again goto a cashback site and search ATT and make sure to click through the ATT Wireless store link. Once you are at the ATT website search gophone prepaid SIM. Sim card is free right now and you can get anywhere from $5 - $9 dollars cashback for buying a free SIM. If you are worried that you might be charged use a prepaid card such as Vanilla to purchase the SIM. It does require a card to checkout but you will not be charged.

    3rd deal for Michigan residents only: There is something going on with the Michigan lottery. You can play online with them and there is a way to basically make money off the lottery. Hard to explain but read the news link provided.

    That's it, feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.