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Nov 28, 2008
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Hello Guys,

I want to share my latest success with you and its called FLIPPA, yeah you heard it right its called flippa

I was bored one night (like 2 AM) and was surfing Flippa to see what they were up to, you should know its the best place to get ideas and start making money

A guy was selling a site which was established in May 2010, was wordpress blog with a uber ugly template and only one article

I asked myself, how comes there are more than 10 bids on this auction and the price for that senseless blog had surpassed the reserve price triple fold.

I did some due dilligence, found out that guy was ranking in TOP 5 for an almost never heard niche (its really too specific) but actually there were like 70k searches per month (did i mention exact !???)

I could believe my eyes I thought I was dreaming then I was looking for a domain name with the exact keyword and guess what, this guy had a 3 words keyword (lets say make money online) and i managed to get (make money) which was available and had double the visits

From there, I did the following:

1. Installed Wordpress blog
2. Installed these plugins (all in one seo, google xml sitemaps, seo titles, seo images, h tags,)
3. Changed the permalink structure to /%postname%/
4. Added like a big list of pinging sites
5. Wrote a disclaimer (got it from an auto disclaimer generator)
6. Wrote 3 articles myself
7. Added perfectly blended adsense plus amazon products
8. Gave a backlink from my network of sites
9. Hired a guy for some high pr profiles
10. sorry there's no ten, just 9 steps to success

My site was indexed within 4 hours (approx) and within 2 days I was already outranking that guy who sold his blog for a large chunk of money :)

All of this happened within a week and yesterday had in my Adsense account $3.42

Its not a big thing, but I'm posting this to tell everyone stop trying to invent the wheel again, dont open "make money online" blogs, try something smaller, rinse and repeat!

I'm opened to any questions or if you need help don't hesitate to post :)

Blackhat 4 Life!
Nice dude! :D

Its a really good place for getting ideas which are in high demand!
Haha I guess you have to thanks Megalomaniac Midget for that :)

Keep up the good work fellas!
Nice dude. How many UV a day u get?
Cool post but this is still my favorite!

"Paying for traffic is just like paying for sex...its only for losers"

mine too...really great quote. and thanks for the useful post as well. still thinking about the quote......
I'm going to rank for different long tail keywords on that niche however so far for today I've got 65 uniques from Google alone so i wont complain ($1.2 from Adsense)

I posted this to give inspiration, sometimes you dont have to work 1 year to see results, its in front of you, you just have to take action!
Good stuff! It's cool when an idea strikes you and it actually pays off.
Simple " just go over to flippa " something that has high bids and sucks" like anything its probably the seo :p " you will get the idea and the umm niche simple haha "D
My friend, I'm probally older than you so you need to know that we ALL pay for sex one way or another!

Thats actually true, we pay far far more in fact, but the quote is about the direct meaning of it ;)
Thanks for the share

moral is to get inspiration from other places to find business opportunities
very very tasty
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Nice, yeah I think flippa can be really great for gaining ideas for sites, I can't believe some of the overpriced stuff that pretty much tells you their niche right for you to dominate instead of buying their site.
Cool post but this is still my favorite!

"Paying for traffic is just like paying for sex...its only for losers"

I would have to agree on the first part but paying for sex is for losers?

Don't think so.

its more like "Paying for traffic is just like paying for sex... the less you pay
the less you get."

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