How to make money on unique high quality information

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by mate73, Mar 21, 2011.

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    During the years I've learned some unique methods to become noticed, get blog owners to accept comments linking to porn sites and outrank Wikipedia without difficulties. Now I want to focus on a few big projects where none of this information is important anymore and therefore I'm going to share it and make some money. The question is how?

    My ideas:
    1) Create an e-book covering everything (will be several hundred pages long)
    2) Create a membership site for $5 a month with forum and content.
    3) Create a newsletter giving away the information for free and get people to signup for a membership forum.
    4) Publish the content for free, combine it into an e-book and include the membership forum into an offer.

    The thing about monthly fees is that you get money coming in regularly and as long as you deliver good content (or forum) people will continue to pay you. My question is - which method would be the best? Anyone with experience?
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    go via membership forum route.