How to make money on mass facebook accounts?

oh this is an extremely impressive number, a lot of people want to know how you can do this )
handmade emails from my country (created by my custom macro solution but behavior like human), own internet from 4 subnets, 8 laptops working in the same time.
wondering how many accounts you have created on one proxy? and isn't it banned or scanned?
not used proxy, only own internet (4g + huawei e3372 for each one laptop). proxy making problems with webrtc leaks and other things (part of them probably we dont know i think), now i have problems with creating fb accounts, and im sure that is not problem with proxy (i tested a lot of proxies in previous month and it didnt work well for me). 1 accounts = change ip. After 3 month after register sometimes i have few % of banned accounts, but its not much (sometimes 2-3%, sometimes 5%).
You could promote products or services on your accounts and earn a commission for each sale made through your unique affiliate link.
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