How To Make Money from Niche Sites through SEO

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    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to share with you guys something I wrote to a client through private message.

    Many of you may be wondering how to make money from building a niche site. What's the advantage of building a site to receive organic traffic?

    Organic Traffic is KING = You get FREE traffic and you don't have to pay per click like Adwords!

    How do you make sure your Niche site is a success?

    This is something tricky I always think about too. The goal is to get into the top 3 results or else you won't make any money.
    Even if you are targeting a 1k exact monthly search and you're in top 3, it could generate 1-2 leads per day which will pay off any package
    by the end of the first month. I always tell clients to start smaller, and then just build their way up. Go for the easy low fruit keywords then
    the month after, target more low fruit keywords. The extra leads higher than the expected amount will allow you to go for even more difficult keywords.

    So I would say - instead of targeting those difficult keywords - you should check for some easier keywords.

    Start an SEO campaign (Do some link exchange or purchase packages)

    Let's say you are monetizing with some quick insurance leads CPA which pays out $4.50 per zip submit.

    CPA link offer reference which pays $4.50 per submit.

    Assume you've now built out your landing page.

    1. You then measure the amount of visitors to your site (use statcounter or clicky)
    2. Then you optimize your landing page (use clicktale to see user's interaction)
    3. Your goal is to get at least ONE lead out of 10-30 clicks. So if an exact monthly search is 1k/mo, you can expect around 30 visitors per day, and around 1 lead out of 30 visitors is close to 3% which is probably.

    Anyways I hope this gives you guy a good framework to start thinking about things.

    Post if you have questions!

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    It's really a good motivational thread for the people, whoever thinking of niche sites. +rep added
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