How to make loot on revenue sharing sites

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    This information can be applied to any form of revenue sharing sites, including articles sites.

    You want to know how to get more traffic to your articles on sites like sxuido, hxbpxges, exinearticles.?

    Its very simple, you don't need to generate back links for them either. Since these sites have considerable ranking power to begin with, you can rank pretty good without back links for your content. All you need is a service like compete dot com or semrush dot com.

    pop the revenue sharing domain into their services to see what keywords are delivering traffic to the domain, go on the domain and create a article based on that keyword, 5 out of 10 tries you will make it on the first page of google for that keyword, for those articles that did not make it to the top, back link the fuck out of them to pop them to the top.

    Why bother randomly creating articles? Find out what the current keywords are delivering good amounts of traffic to the fucking domain. And make fucking content on those domains with the fucking keywords.

    Watch out when creating spammy back links, i got banned on one content sharing site for wordpress comments, another content site banned me for "making too much money in a suspicious way" and the third looks like they are about to ban me so be careful, take it slow, use whitehat backlinks and don't go crazy like i did but hey i am not mad, i am just getting even now ;-)

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    It's kind to hear, that Semrush is useful tool!