How to Make KILLER Bots for Fun And Profit

Great post :)

Ha, started playing around with Python in my spare time a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it so far. Wanted to learn a programming language so I can communicate better with my developers and learn a new skill along the way.

Picked up this book and have been following along:


It's for Python 3.x though .. that might be a turn off for some people, but it's been pretty easy to follow along with so far.

This is a great guide. I went through the video series a while back and it dives you right into the trenches. Must watch for anyone wanting to learn Python for web bots.
How Develop Your Own Profitable Bots

Hei, SpamBotKing / BrendonMarketer here.
In this tutorial I will teach you How to Develop Your Own Bots, with no coding skills required.


Thanks so much. I searched the whole web for hours and came across this post. It answered my question! :)
You will be able to use a bot on a vps only if it has no mouse movement, only keyboard. Because vps doesn't have any screen so your bot will run only if you session is active with a mouse.
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