How to make BIG money from Affiliate Marketing?

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    Hey all BHW members, how are you?

    My name is Usman and I have been online for a while, still struggling to make money online. I started my IM career in 2014 by purchasing "Bring The Fresh" from Kelly Felix. That was the first ever info product I purchased. And I learned a lot from it since I was a newbie and had a little success with it as I was able to create a site and rank it for fairly competitive keyword using my own Private Blog Network. However, the site did not make any money (it's still ranking on page 1 and still getting traffic). Before BTF, I was just looking all over the internet for "opportunities" and I was heavily involved with PTC sites (Paid-to-Click) where I joined a lot of sites including NeoBux, PalmBux, Clixsense, to name a few. I got scammed many times from these PTC sites and I used to make pennies for clicking ads Lol. But then I realize, that it's not how I want to make money and moved on to learn more about Internet Marketing. Over the years, I have found that there are literally, millions of ways to make money online including:

    CPA Offers
    Google Adsense
    Facebook Ads
    Email Marketing
    Local Client SEO
    Product Creation etc etc etc..

    And the list goes on and on. However, out of all these methods, What I like the most is Affiliate Marketing. That's what I want to do. And why do I want to do Affiliate Marketing you ask? The reason is, that it sounds easy. I know it's NOT easy, but it sounds easy because I don't need to create my own product. I don't need to do the actual selling. I don't need to deal with clients. These are some of the reason why I like Affiliate Marketing.

    Recently, I have been doing some Launch Jacking which is basically creating tiny, ugly-looking sites and ranking them for keywords like Product Name, Product Name Review, Product Name Bonus etc before the Launch and making sales during the launch time. I was able to make $298.50 from a launch but I have wasted more money than I have earned. Most of my sites never made it to page 1 simply because the time is too short to get the sites to rank on page 1. The launch is starting let's say, 2 weeks after now and I can't rank my site in 2 weeks because SEO requires time. So I spend all my money on outsourcing content, building backlinks etc only to see my site gets penalized after 2 weeks. Launch Jacking is a GAMBLE. It might work, it might not work. It's not a REAL business. That's why I have decided to quit Launch Jacking. And to be honest, after burning a lot of my father's money and my time, I'm quite disappointed. I have been wondering and questioning myself: is it even worth it? The whole Make Money Online thing, does it even work? Is it even possible to make money sitting in front of my computer? all these questions.. I have doubts..

    BUT here's what I want:

    I want to build a REAL affiliate marketing business to make Passive Income for years to come. What I'm talking about is creating niche sites and solving problems. For example, targeting "How to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks" and promoting a related Clickbank product and Build a list in every niche sites that I do.

    What I don't want:

    I ABSOLUTELY don't want to go after the "Quick Buck" or fast ways of making money. I have lost a lot of money trying to make money fast. Now, I realize that there's nothing such as "Fast Money" in this industry. It's a real business and like any real business, it takes time. 1 year, 2 years,5 years No problem. I will give it all the time it takes, I'm not in a rush. I don't want to make money fast. One thing I realize that even if something works, some method or strategy which can make money fast, it's only temporary and does not last longer. It will STOP working in no time. And I feel the same for Launch Jacking which was basically trying to make a quick buck.

    What I don't know:

    I don't know what niche I should go in because I'm not good at Market Research and basically finding a profitable niche (Need to learn that) and doing keyword research properly. Finding buyer keywords that actually converts (Since I have ranked keywords that makes me nothing).

    I don't know email marketing and list building (However, I do realize how important this is when it comes to increasing your income. If I don't do Email Marketing, I'm leaving money on the table.

    What I know:

    I know SEO and I think pretty good at it. Good enough to rank a website on the first page of Google and drive traffic to my website. I know how to build a Private Blog Network and set up properly to rank my site on page 1. I'm Good at both On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

    So.. that's all about me. I think just need some motivation right now as I'm a little disappointed. I need someone to tell me that I can do this and make it happen.

    I would love if someone can help me out and share some resources on how to pick up a profitable niche (That actually makes money).

    And also my original question: How to make BIG money as an affiliate?

    Thank You,
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    i cn make niche and country target page or group on facebook .

    add me skyep - ********
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    Earning a passive income online is harder than others seem to make out on here, you have to come up with an out of box method and rinse and repeat it until it's hardly working and then sell a guide on Warriorforums - it seems as though thats what a lot of people do, but on the plus side you can make it! We all can and we just got to keep digging deep and making it work.

    I have recently started CPA/Affiliate networking with ViceOffers due to 'TheSlug' on here getting me involved - but i'm hella excited to keep pushing forward with it and it seems the way for me to go, your SEO skills alongside pushing people to submit emails is a big win win and can earn you a shit load of bank in Email Marketing but I'm not quite sure it's going to be passive as it's hit and miss at the best of times until you got a decent email list that is worth something.

    I would probably work on establishing a team of SEO guys and evolve into design etc. and then once you free up some time and that business is running on it's own use it wisely and then develop into Email Marketing etc. unless you're already financially stable.

    > Subbed to the thread, i'm intrigued.