How to make BANK with the KONY 2012 viral video.

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    First of all i'd like to say i personally don't feel bad trying to make a quick buck from this situation. If you and I don't others will.

    The youtube comment section / Channel comments are bursting right about now with thousands of people commenting. Prob. even more people just viewing and not commenting.

    Step 1: Buy a domain of some sort that has to deal with the invisible children movement.

    Step 2: Redirect it to a CPA offer.

    Step 3: Go to the invisible children video / channel and leave comments saying something like

    " Hey guys this website is giving away Free Visa giftcards just put your email in ... you can use this money to donate if you are low on cash! "

    Idk be creative .. theres a ton of ways to twist this / make money off of it.

    Good luck.
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