How To Make at least $7.25 p/hour

Better idea

Build a slimming website linking to a clickbank slimming product! Get some business cards made with your website address on.

Get a job in MacDonalds and with every take-away order pop your business card in the brown paper bag along with the Big Muck burger and fries.
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this method not work...
I tried it but you need to be us resident
Work McDonalds drive through. Print up a "congratulations you are a winner.just go to toregister your claim" and drop it in every order you serve. Lots of profit to be had and when you get fired try it with KFC-BK etc. Scale it up and recruit other servers to drop your leaflets and they get 25%.

Joking aside the money on McDonalds may be shite but anyone that has a year working at McDonalds on their C.V has shown an aptitude to work under pressure in a team environment and its valued by employers.
Instead of a shittysurveythatpaysgood we could use an anti obesity product from clickbank, You know, people would eat at McD and then buy a diet coke.
this thread was more useless even than all the newbies threads posted daily..
Better idea! Go to college, learn computers, graduate, get a job as helpdesk... do IM while at work! muahahahahahaaaaaa
Very informative posts......loaded with so many ideas great community.....hahahahahahaha

McDonalds in Wiliston ND are paying $500 sign up bonuses and paying $13 an hour,there is an oil boom going on there.Weird how some parts of this country people are forming tent cities but other areas of the country are having economic success and making $18 an hour working at a motel is not unheard of.
In my country mcdonalds pay like 3$ an hour) here this method doesn't work really well)
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