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How to make adult traffic in 2017 ?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by laszloo, May 17, 2017.

  1. laszloo

    laszloo Newbie

    Mar 13, 2017
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    Hello everyone i will share my experience whitch adult traffic in 2017 !

    I will 2016 started money making adult websites, camgilrs and dating sites and i read Adrians Method Download/Upload videos ! Then I'll look cool i am website desiger no problem create websites . But Time is up and very low traffic have to my Crackreveue accunt !

    I have :
    5 Landing website Camgirls Dating
    3 website Porn movies
    2 Twitter accunt
    2 IG accunt

    But a probelm is how to create traffic to my websites ?
    I will tried facebbok al so create 20 facebook profiles for camgirls and dating websites traffic is to low just indian people and accunt baned after 2-14 day ! Facebbok not good for create adult traffic !
    I will tried Reddit to adverise links of my offers but no have sufficient post karma and many subreddit not allow to advertise (link) to post ! Also post photos whitch wathermaked photo is hard work and low traffic !
    In 2017 tried post link in Imgur but banned accut affeter 5 day not woring !

    My stat is
    Every day have 50-150 clicks for my offers but 800-1200 click generate 10 $ my joney is to make 30$-40$ daily this is 5000 clicks daily
    This is hard work

    5 Landing website Camgirls Dating x 50
    3 website Porn movies x 50
    2 Twitter accunt x 50
    2 IG accunt x 50

    i will erned this satt but impracticable !!!

    I will tried paid adult traffic My calculations 25$ generate 5000 clicks daily but I do not know How much leads have in 25$ !!!

    Sorry for English