How to Make a Travel Ebook?


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Jul 15, 2010
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I have a load of conetnt ready regarding a certain tourist destination, which I wrote when I lived there. It is all about the unheard of places and attractions which holiday-makers simply will never know about, but is pretty much golden compared to what tourists actually do when they are there.

The thing is, I've never made an ebook and have failed to find any decent software/program to make one. Surely to make it really 'pop' I need something special, but after doing KW research I suspect sales will only really be under 10 per month. This figure suits me as the content is sitting there doing nothing at the moment.

If any of you guys has an ideas of what might be a better idea than an ebook or if you can share a free program to make one (surely not just a PDF??) or anything, I'm open to ideas? Anyone?