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    Kelly Felix comes clean about gurus and their lies. No news here...

    Just Thoughts (and why most marketers probably won't promote my stuff anymore)

    I've been talking to a lot of customers and marketers lately, and there seems to be a common thread - people are STILL buying and selling FEAR & LIES. Big shock right?

    The FTC may have made it a little more difficult - requiring marketers to jump through a few more hoops to continue using shady business practices, but it definitely continues. Sure some marketers made a bundle and got out before the crackdown, and somehow they are able to justify the money in their bank account to themselves, perhaps with an "every man for himself" type of view.

    Others are continuing to evolve in order to keep selling deceit - whether its by posting certain disclaimers, or moving their business offshore, or using loopholes in the law, or by rotating merchant accounts, staying one step ahead of government bodies, etc.

    Heck, even big affiliate networks created their own in-house scam offers once they saw how lucrative it could be. Does acai berry ring a bell? Colon cleanse anyone? I actually purchased these products to see how far the scam went. It wasn't pretty. Especially when I tried to refund before the continuity charges started.

    I choose not to name individual names because I'm not here to cast stones at my fellow marketing sinners. These people know who they are, and you can easily find them yourself. A little tool called Google makes it really easy. You are likely on some of their lists as we speak.

    But what happens to marketers who sell in a competitive mindset, through fear tactics, false scarcity, and rationalization, is that they are putting it out there to the world that they expect to live in that kind of world themselves. Where they too should live in fear. Where they too should expect to be sold with lies, and treated as sheep. Where they too should fear that their money will disappear any day now, when they are "found out".

    I can't live that way. Not anymore.

    (Read Sappy Article) http://kellyfelix.com/category/rants/
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    Your rant made me feel courage and fear all at the same time..... vexing situation indeed, kinda like watching Glenn Beck on a not-so-good day.

    I am very suspicious now... are people in BHW shady elitists? perhaps Fascists? .... Progressives?.......or maybe even Shady fascists elitist progressives?.... makes my balls feel puzzled indeed!