How to make a automated friend adder and page inviter for free


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Jul 12, 2010
Firstly this info is something I have never shared, so just posting the whole process here is not going to happen, what I would rather is a moderator or someone like that to contact me so i can show them how to do it and then they decide where it goes.

I have been using this method for a little under a year, now the page inviter is currently F"""""" because the javascript no longer works, but I'm confident someone already knows a fix and it will just take time to trickle down to someone willing to share it.

The friend adder is good though, i normally put 200 accounts on a loop and space out the process by 5 minutes so the whole thing takes 24 hours and 15 minutes, so that I know it goes a day before logging in to the first account again, i have had 5 PC running for 3 months NON STOP, logging in and out of accounts fully automated adding 20 friends a day for the first 2 months and then 10 friends a day for the last month just so that i could try and stay under the radar with all these changes going on. recently i have experienced a limit with a hand full of accounts, saying "you have exceeded the limit for adding friends on this account" so god knows what happening now, but 95% of them work and will add 10 friends each day.

If its allowed then i will happily share it, both of them in fact. I was a visitor for the longest time and got all sorts of good ideas so i figure i should give something useful back. post here if you want to know how its done, it is free in the sense you can do it all for 30 days for free, i use jitbit imacro to do pretty much anything and its free for 30 days, then its 40 per annual copy or 150 for 5 copies which is what i did, you could even use this method to fully automate status updates, the joining of groups with fake accounts to boost numbers, provided you have thousands of non pva accounts. takes a week or two to set up but well worth it for groups you personally own and want to advertise on, you do have to send some real invites to it, but that can be done when it appears that you have 1000 members. you can pick up 1000 non pvas with picks for as little as $30, i paid $60 per 1000 for mine as i wanted a bunch of other custom changes as well but well worth it as i can boost the numbers of 300 groups by 1000 for only $60. believe me there are people willing to pay well in excess of $10 for their groups size to grow by 1000 knowing that they will be fake as there are so many people out there who want to show off or make it look like their band has tons of fans. that's $3000 for an investment of $60....people are willing to pay $10 for their group to appear that its grown by 1000 to their friends. but i only do this if i can build up around 100 orders in a week some times i get to 60 or 70 and still do it but you can wait, i use another program to open up 10 group tabs at a time and all this is then controlled by macro.

lol this post is going to get too big if i keep on listing off the things you can do with macros. post here if you want info and as soon as a moderator or someone who knows what to do contacts me as to where this info should go then i will tell all.

Hey Forexking - I'm in :thumb:

Sounds like a tool and a half!

HTH .... :cool2:

I am definitely interested in a tool like this, have bookmarked this post,
I am definitely interested in a tool like this, have bookmarked this post,can you give more details...
I am interested in a seller that sells 1000 FB accounts for 30$ :) That's what got my attention in the post, anyone offers that? Shoot me a message.

About that fake members method, I believe most people need real leads that will respond to their offers... I prefer to target these. Thanks for the effort.
Good to see so many people are interested, does anyone have any idea as to a fix for the javascript, as this is the only way to get the page inviter up, but all the other ones will probably still work and always work
To suggest friends
-> click suggest to friends
-> right click opened box and click "open frame in new tab "
-> now apply script
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