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How to make a 100% real looking website/blog with very little effort

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by davids355, Jan 17, 2014.

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    Apr 25, 2011
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    Theres nothing special about this method, but its just what I use if I need to make a blog that looks real, but I don't want to spend too much money.

    I have been building some web 2.0 properties using this method, and I am using them as the primary money website (not for my tiers).
    You could also use this on a registered domain, with a wordpress installation.

    So basically, I just register a web 2.0 property such as wordpress.com.

    Then I have a WordAI subscription - just the normal one, not Turin spinner. It costs me $19.95/month. I think this gives me 2.5 million words per month for spinning, which I think is pretty fair!

    I then just need to pick a keyword (obviously keyword research needs to be done), search for a nice looking article on google, then copy that into WordAI and let it spin with the default settings.

    I then link wordAI to copyscape so once I get a result, I can check it for uniqueness, copyscape costs just $10 for 200 searches which I think is also very fair.
    I have been using WordAI to spin about 25 articles in the last two weeks - thats just for these high quality ones, and I use the "very unique article", and I have only had one time where copyscape didnt completely pass - and on that occasion, I moved down to the "unique spin" instead, and that passed!

    So now you have a 100% unique article to paste into your website.

    Then I download an image or two from http://www.sxc.hu/‎ to make the article look nice. And sometimes I will also search for a video on youtube.com and add that in (with wordpress.com that works straight out of the box, with an on-site wordpress installation, I think you need a youtube plugin).

    The great thing is (And no, this isnt to promote WordAI, its just because I think its very true), when you read through the generated articles, they fully read like real human written articles, and whilst I don't want to deter people from the Turin spinner ($49/month) the standard spinner is great as it is!

    So I am really just writing this because I know a lot of people these days are saying you cant use spun content any more for your money sites, and you need to pay for content, but in my opinion, with wordAI you can still use spun content and it looks just as good as content you pay $5/article for.

    I should just say IF you want to try WordAI you can use the link in my signature rather than the link in the article, so that I get a referal, BUT you dont have to, and thats not the point of this post.
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