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How to make 11k extra per year freelancing!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by irancrude, May 9, 2009.

  1. irancrude

    irancrude Power Member

    Jul 16, 2008
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    I am going to share my method for freelancing here. you all know how freelancing works right but how to stay safe so the cash stays with you
    after you have found a costumer? how to carry the project? how do I know the guy is serious about hiring me and paying me??

    keep reading below..

    I made around 11k extra last year using this system on my freelance accounts and jobs online just for this method. I have seen several fellow bhw's losing $ ir not being paid at all after doing some works online.. let me show you my safe system here for free..


    Costumer comes and you talk,c all to him, if possible see him. explain how complex is the freelance world and that you want to make sure he will be satisfied. and offer a paid quote for the project, you will devote 24 hrs or so to create or put his project on papers I mean, bla bla bla. Home page: it will have a header a rotating banner, a control panel for ads, etc etc all is explained then the person see is and feels the project closer and that you understand him you add your price there too. if he signs the project quote and pays thats a good COW to milk! :)

    so in numbers:

    1) You get paid for quoting the work, yes you read me right, you prepare a real quote doc about the project to be done. ( average $30 - 50 usd) per quote. Once paid you start and deliver the quote in 24 hrs costumers study the quote and gets back to you.

    2) Costumer agrees forwards project quote signed to you. Then he pays u for start, lets say total is $650. so u get $325 (50%) minus the quote fee.

    3) After that you work and finish the project accord to the agreed terms and quote. no more no less. all is set clear and he knows what to expect etc good thing here is you do not have to do any extra work because all has been set in the signed Quote.

    4) You upload your works if possible to your own server and show to the costumer, I use screen captures also. if viable. at this point u can trust the buyer also a little more because he has paid you already a small fee so he is serious about the project.

    5) You get paid last 50% upload work and ship a cd to the person with the works info, etc This system ensure costumers will come back asking for more quotes or works.

    6) If you already trust the person you can wave the quote fee but always have them sign the quote with the works expected by them. this is an agreement against any paypal charge backs etc that you can show to CC company etc, and they will see the person agreed for certain work and what you got paid for..

    7) Offer some bonus or free work like banners etc If they refer a new costumer to you for some web works.

    Hope I have helped a little here. If you read the method carefully above you can see that the costumer will have to pay you an initial small fee for you taking the time to quote his project, this way you make sure the person is serious about the project and has funds to pay! - Also I always ship a CD to see and find that he has a real address etc. that way you make sure you are dealing with a real person.

    You can add or modify this freelancing system on any form you like but what I can tell you is that after 4 yrs freelancing I never had a single paypal charge back or issues.

    LAST TIP: Always send a money request 1st if using Paypal, on the money request add all the project or quote details of why you ask for the money even a link to a doc or quote is fine. - If the person pays you that means they agree with you. this helps a LOT if any issues arise on paypal. later because all the transaction was carried thru paypal so there are no blank spaces to fill all is set clear to paypal eyes on how why and when. etc.

    I hope I have helped some f you looking to start freelancing.

    PS: feel free to PM if you need any extra tips!
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  2. shadowpwner

    shadowpwner Regular Member

    Apr 19, 2009
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    So you make webpages?
  3. RamChaturvedi

    RamChaturvedi Supreme Member

    Apr 7, 2009
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    Internet Marketing
    there is nothing new for a person like me can learn..i mean no tips and tricks are there....free lancing is not that easy job...and many of us here do agrees with me too.. :)
  4. link2swim06

    link2swim06 Registered Member

    Feb 8, 2009
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    How is this better than normal freelancing?