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How To Make $100,000 A Year FLOPPING Websites

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by let.me.earn, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Aug 24, 2009
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    FLOPPING Websites - The Easiest Way To Make Your First Money Online
    NOT BY ME--got from "Warrior forum's Private Section"

    Hey everyone,

    I feel its about time I give back to this community that has given me so much. I created this report for you guys to teach you something I've been doing to make a very good income from. This is just one of the business models I focus on, but it's very profitable and very easy to start with.

    It's perfect for beginners or those who struggle with staying focused.

    You may have never heard of website flopping before, well that's because it's something I've developed over the last few years and I've told very few people about it.

    It's a term I coined to describe two different ways to flip websites that you have or want to create.

    The first way to FLOP is to build a certain type of website and sell it before its profitable.

    The second way to flop (and the way I'm going to talk about today) is to build small little websites with Adsense and flip the sites that FLOP and build onto the ones that make the most money into huge content sites.

    Flopping basically means to flip a site that has not made money yet or is not making as much as you wanted and decide to flip it for cash on demand to invest in those that have more potential.

    So let's get into this post.

    I whipped this short report up to help people start seeing some real money with a method I used a lot over the last few years.

    Lots of people can?t help but be jack of all trades and switch up there business model almost daily and this results in very little revenue it?s kind of like yo yo dieting just makes you heavier but not your pockets!.

    Not all business models fit everyones personality. I know I like certain ways of making money online better then I do other ways and I believe this way is honestly the EASIEST way to start earning your first money online.

    Here is what were going to do:

    Were going to build adsense sites and were going to build them fast and they will be awesome. I?m going to show you how to build them so you have a 90 percent success rate to hit the first page of Google every time. These sites are going to be made on plain Jane html templates and they are going to make you nice small streams of income.

    You might be thinking Trevor how is this going to make me 100k this year? It?s a great question but not nearly as complicated as your thinking. We?re going to flip (FLOP) sites.

    I know you have heard of both of these business models before, but if you do them right together they will make you a lot of money and all you need to know is how to write an article and some basics which I?m going to show you.

    The trick is to build small sites with highly searched keywords with hardly any competition because we want the low hanging fruit. No ladders being used here we are afraid of heights!.

    We?re going to use simple editors and simple templates that anyone even people who are brand new to the game can put to work.

    The great thing about web mastering tools today, are they are created so idiots like me can use them [​IMG]

    I know there are thousands of bum marketers out there who churn out article after article trying to make a buck online and these guys and girls work hard for the money and if you give me one of those article writing machines and I hand them this information there going to hit it out of the park.

    This method is honestly the easiest way to make your first money online, it's also the easiest way to earn an ongoing stream of income and it's also the best way to earn easy cash on demand when you want.

    The type of sites we are creating sell well on the FLOP!

    Let me show you how profitable this can be:

    Adsense sites sell like hot cakes on any market place even more so then affiliate sites so keep that in mind.

    Let?s say you have some time on your hands and like to write.... how many articles a day do you think you could write,5-10 maybe?. How about if you knew you were going to pull in 100k in the next 6-12 months? I bet you would write even more.

    Lets be reasonable here and say you?re going to pump out 15 articles a day and with those 15 articles you will build 5 sites depending on how many articles you want to start with because these sites will be small and you don?t want to make them too big before seeing if they?re going to be worth your time.

    Before we go to flip them however, we will need to add a few more articles to the sites, which I will explain later.

    So let?s say each site you make will start with 3 to 4 articles and you can decide from there.

    15x30 = 450 articles. 450 3 = 150 that?s 150 targeted low competition niche sites in 1 month.

    10x30 = 300 articles. 300 3 = 100

    5x30 = 150 articles. 150 3 = 50

    Providing we make these sites correctly you can expect them all to earn daily revenue and usually from small amounts of traffic. You?re going to hit some home runs and get sites that you can build up that could earn you 20,30,40 $?s a day and others will be lemons but still pulling in a dollar or two a day.

    The idea is that we will flip the lemons for cash and trust me if a site has unique content even a bit of traffic and earnings it will sell. Especially adsense sites. I have flipped probably hundreds over the years they always sell well.

    Here is a screen shot of a site I sold earning only a $1 a day with only a handful of pages. About 10 or so of unique content. It sold for $400 and it was only a few months old. You can flip these sites with only as little as 1 months history.




    To give you an idea of what sites tend to go for your looking at 10 - 15x?s monthly profit but this depends on the buyer some people want more revenue proof others aren?t as concerned especially if they?re buying a site for under a thousand dollars which will be the price range for many of your flips.

    Let?s say your site is making $2-3 dollars a day and you want to sell it.

    Believe it or not but that tiny site you made in hours can flip for anywhere from $500 - $1000 dollars not bad for a day?s work is it? Try having 50 of them every month.

    You see what you?re doing here is your building up a large passive adsense income keeping your best sites while getting cash flooded into your paypal or bank account daily. And you better believe once this machine is pumping out money you can outsource it and ramp up productivity tenfold.

    Alright let?s get started.

    STEP ONE: Pick a niche to build your site around but don?t over complicate this.... just pick up a magazine or look around you at the items in your home.

    You might be thinking you should be going after keywords that get a lot of money per click such as insurance or loans but for this strategy we want to stick to less popular niches because the competition can be fierce for those big markets.

    I have had great success with products around the house anything from blenders to fans and the best part is the competition is always minimal in these markets and there?s tons of long tail keywords for
    easy rankings.

    I usually use google keyword tool to find the long tail keywords you can check it out here


    I don't have a hard and fast rule on the number of searches your main keyword should be getting. The domain name you register is the main keyword you want to target.

    But if your keyword is getting over 5000 searches per month,that's a very good number, but I've created sites with the main keyword getting less searches then that and it's been fine.

    For this example, I am going to use the keyword

    "glass office desk"

    It gets searched for over 14,000 times a month according to Google Keyword tool. You also want to pick a term with 3 words or more in it. This helps with ranking and domain name availability.

    You also want to make sure that keyword has a few more keywords related ot it. At least 5, if not 10. So for instance, when I put glass office desk into the google keyword tool, I find that it has a few keywords related to it.

    "glass office desks"
    "glass home office desk"
    "glass office desk furniture"
    "glass computer desk office"
    "office desk with glass"

    That's plenty. These are the keywords I will write extra articles on. The site will have at least 3 articles to start with, including the main page and if I go to flip it, I will add around 10 pages of content to it.

    STEP TWO: Once you have a niche selected you want to buy a domain name ideally from namecheap.com this is my favourite and they have excellent customer service. You can find a coupon to get a discount on your domains by going to http://www.warriorforum.com/redirect-to/?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dncoupons.com this can save you a lot of money in the long run.

    Your domain name should be that main keyword you want to target. I would register....


    I try to base my site around one keyword I obviously want to have more pages ranked but the one in the domain will be my main focus to start. There is no real proof but it?s best to get a .com, .net, .org they seem to rank the best but this opinion does vary.

    I want to talk quickly about competition and competition and the number of websites listed in Google for the keyword you want to target.

    Look, the less competition the better. For instance, the term,

    "glass office desk"

    In brackets, in Google it only has 10,000 competiting pages and thats really good. There is a lot of talk about how many pages for that keyword is too much and some people say that 100,000 competiting pages is the limit and that is good advice, but I can tell you now, I've created simple little html sites, like I'm going to show you in this report that have been in the top 10 for keywords that have Google competition of over 400,000 pages.

    If you don't know what I'm talking about here, I mean, how many websites or pages are targeting the exact keyword I am trying to target in Google and you can check that out by putting the keyword in brackets and searching for it in Google.

    It's not 100% accurate, but it gives you a good indication of how hard it will be to rank for that keyword.

    But with a little bit of backlinking and correct SEO optimization and good domain name keyword buying, you will have no trouble getting top 10 rankings for some competitive terms.

    Again, I always go after keywords with more then 3 words in it and I stay away from really competitive terms.

    If you have a method you like, stick with it, but if I can find a really good keyword phrase and a domain name available for it with under 100,000 competing pages in Google, I am happy with that.

    If it's less, even better. 10,000 competing pages is IDEAL.

    STEP THREE: Pick another two or three long tail keywords on your niche and then you?re going to write articles on these but make sure your articles are 500 words or more for seo purposes.

    I find for SEO purposes, 500 words per article is the best length.

    You can of course outsource these articles if you like, but I'm not going to go into depth on that, this post is already getting very long and there are plenty of links and posts in this forum about outsourcing.

    When it comes to writing your articles, there is a lot of talk about LSI and keyword density. All I do is I place my keyword in the article title and I sprinkle it through out the article maybe 3 or 4 times. I don't over do it. Google and other search engines are not stupid.

    If you want to learn more about keyword density and LSI, do a search for it here on the WarriorForum. This is where I've learnt so much about what I know.

    STEP FOUR: Now you have your content and domain name with your keyword so your going to want to start building your site. I prefer to use plain html templates for my niche adsense sites just because it's easy and what Im used to doing.

    If your a big wordpress fan then go nuts there is lot's of good adsense themes out there you can install.

    If you decide to go my way id suggest you either have your own template designed or you can visit http://www.warriorforum.com/redirect-to/?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oswd.org%2F and find a free template just be sure to read the rules of usage some require links back.

    Here is a good free template for Adsense.


    I love plain html and I found some of the templates I've purchased made for Adsense work well. Just type in Adsense template into Google.

    You want to find a design that allows you room to place at least a couple adsense blocks. Im no expert when it comes to placement but if you have some up top and down below it's hard to go wrong.

    This is something really cool for those who want to use Wordpress instead of plain html. This theme below is based on the Google heatmap image they released which shows where most of the clicks on a page go.


    It's free at the moment.

    I have found that the niche has more to do with click through rate then the adsense placement anyways.

    There are lot's of free easy to use editors to edit your template and insert your articles but I prefer Nvu just because ive been using it a long time and it's very basic. Just google "Nvu" and you will find a free download for it.

    STEP FIVE: This is a very important section and I don't or will never pretend to be a world leading expert on SEO, but I do know how to get these sites in the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing. I've gotten and still have dozens and dozens of top 10 rankings for some very competitive keywords.

    A lot of it comes down to very basic SEO.

    You need to make sure your page title and H1 tag have the keyword phrase your trying to target in them along with your header if it works with the design of your site.

    Page title: This is what the search engines show in the search results when your site gets indexed.

    H1 tags: This will be the title of your article which will be your keyword again. You add h1 tags to increase search engine placement. If you dont know what im talking about google it there is plenty of
    information on it.

    This is really all I do besides getting links to get my sites ranked because we are going after long tail keywords for our sites, so there isn't a ton of competition for them.

    Here is an example site I created a few years ago that I sold on to someone else....


    STEP SIX: Now that your niche site is up you should start building some links to each page on your site containing your keyword phrase. I usually just submit my site to a few social bookmarkers, write an article or two and submit it to a couple different directories with my anchor text for each page but I do mix it up so it doesn't look fishy.

    Many sites will rank with very little to no links because we've done our homework and have gone for long tail low competition phrases, this is the key. I prefer to submit to ezine articles, article base and

    Other options such as doing directory submissions can be done or outsourced to someone who has more time. Id suggest hiring someone at digital point forum to do this there is plenty of cheap link builders there.

    So let me explain in a bit more depth.

    The first thing I do to get the search engines to notice me in a hurry is a bit of social bookmarking. I use the tool at


    This sumbits your sites to a whole bunch of social bookmarking sites and gets quick backlinks. The price when I last checked was like under $3 a month and you submit as many sites as you like.

    Saves a lot of time!

    The second thing I do when I start to promote my sites is I go to Forums.Digitalpoint.com and look in the services section of that forum for people who do the following....

    A) directory Submission to 100 sites (about $12)
    B) Paula and/OR Angela's backlinks (optional about $15)

    These two services will get backlinks from high PR sites to link back to your. They will do all the work, you just need to tell them your website URL and main keyword you want to target.

    I outsource all of this because it's so damn cheap, you can of course do it yourself. I prefer to save the time and concentrate on building my sites.

    I'd rather save the money and write the articles for the site myself and then spend that money on outsourcing a bit of promotion.

    If you can't find what you are looking for at Digitalpoint, then try the WSO board and the Services Section right here

    The next thing I will do is write 2 or 3 articles and submit them to EzineArticles.com, GoArticles.com and ArticleBase.com

    That's it for now. This will give me enough information to see if the site will be a winner or not.

    Step SEVEN: Ok so we have your site built properly it's seo optimized and we are getting indexed in the search engines and probably starting to see the first few cents or dollars rolling in now. Now you have two options, you can add more articles to the sites doing the best or those that aren't getting enough traffic or clicks you can add more pages and build more links.

    I tend to leave the sites that dont produce much but depending on the site I may put more work into it but sometimes it's more profitable to build a new site because regardless of your research some sites just wont do what you want them too.

    If I create a site like I described above, do the promotion I suggest and I can't really break into the top 10 or it's just not earning very much, only maybe a dollar or two a day, I will flip it.

    Those making around $5 a day I will keep. More so then the revenue, if my site just won't break into the top 10, I will most likely flip it.

    Make some decisions in the first month and go from there just always move forward keep thinking about pumping out more of these niche sites, dont worry about perfection.

    To be perfectly honest the most well written informative articles aren't always the best adsense content, it's the articles that do not everything the reader is looking for that are the ones that make them click on an ad.

    STEP EIGHT: This step is about selling because that's what we ideally want to do with the underachievers.

    We will be doing this at one of two places ideally.

    Flippa.com or


    these are my favourites places and if you have a site with unique content a bit of traffic and earnings it will get scooped up quick.

    At flippa.com your going to want to list your site as established there is a lot more traffic in this section and you will probably get bids right after you list it. As I have said what you can get for your site
    really varies depending on it's age, size, earnings and content quality and it must be unique.

    Before flipping your site however, you want to have at least probably 7 to 10 pages of content on your site, including your index page. Just find another 5 or so keywords to add to the 3 or 4 you have now and write articles on them and add them to the site.

    This is a must step. A site with 3 articles, will not sell as well or for as much as a site with 10 articles and adding the extra articles will reward you greatly on the FLOP. IE, you will make your money back in spades for the time you invested in the site.

    I recommend testing the market and seeing what other sites are going for when you list yours. I recommend you keep in touch with anyone who buys your sites because chances are they will buy more because yours will be of quality and that's exactly what a buyer is looking for in a site.

    Like I said before, sites earning $2 a day, can flip for nearly $1000.

    I have made relationships with buyers and had them buy five or more sites off me at one time and if you get enough buyers you can put them on an email list and sites will be bought up before I even list them.

    MAKE SURE WHEN YOU FLOP THEM that you have all the relevant details and screen shots and proof. Sites with no revenue proof and traffic screen shots sell for A LOT LESS.

    So make sure you take a screen capture of

    A) your traffic stats from your traffic stats tool - Google Analytics or AWstats is fine and free.

    B) Screenshots of your Adsense revenue for the months related to this site.

    So this is just a quick run down of a process I have used very agressively that has made me a lot of money and it can make you a lot of money if you take some action dont just read this and forget about it if you want to succeed with adsense and flipping/flopping

    If you follow the proccess in this report you will not only create a large passive income that pulls in six figures a year but you will also have a flipping gig making similar money.

    Anyone who says adsense is a risky business model because of the accounts being closed for no reason I can tell you that A) plenty of the people claiming to be innocent aren't (not all) and B) If you develop your sites around products and related there will always be other revenue sources you can switch to that may even out perform the adsense.

    In an ideal world, you would create your own products to put on these sites to sell, but that takes a lot of work and work a lot of people don't want to do or don't know how to right now.

    I love product creation but this method works smashingly just with Adsense.


    I want to talk about something quickly. If you find you have a site that is really taking off, earning good Adsense revenue and top 10 rankings for a few different keywords and articles, then expand on it.

    Keep the winners drop the losers. Sell the FLOPS and use that money to invest back into the winners. This is the whole FLOPPING principle.

    Don't scrap the flops, sell them to someone else who may have better luck then you or who might already be in that market.

    Then expand on the winners. Add 50 to 100 articles to the site, aggressively promote the site with relevant one way backlinks, write articles to point to the site and do anything you can to....

    A) get more traffic


    B) increase search engine rankings.

    Most people here have one favorite method of promotion they like to do, so focus on that and get more and more traffic.

    You will soon have 20, 30, 40, or 50 Adsense sites earning $20, $30, $40 or $50 a day. But in the mean time, you will have money coming in from the flips/flops that you can also invest in your business.

    This is honestly one of the most perfect business models around.


    So the business model is a simple one. Create lots of small content sites based around products, promote Adsense, then keep the winners and sell the flops.

    Simple in theory and profitable in practice. I can easily pump 10 of these sites out a week part time if not A LOT more.

    Even if all 10 flop, if I keep them for a month, add a few more articles at the end, there is ATLEAST $5000 in income from flipping.

    See the power behind this model? You are building a nice network of sites and still earning money at the same time.

    No need to go broke to make money online. It should be self sustaining.

    If anyone has any questions feel free to ask id be glad to help you out.


    - Trevor Somerville
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  2. adamster

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    You mean flipping?
  3. let.me.earn

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    i didnt mean anything. it comes from warrior forum's private forum.
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    hahah flopping, nice :p
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    If you kept those $1/day Adsense sites for more than a year you would be making more money than the once off sale - Adsense sites take a few months before they even get close to what they actually earn. Some might say it lacks patience to drop those sites for a flat fee. The buyers know very well what they are getting so that is why these sites are snapped up. It is a good idea to get cash flow when you start but it isn't a long term plan.
  6. Katarsis

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    At the Mountains of Madness
    Interesting... Crap sites like that really sell for 400-500$ on a consistent basis? That'd definitely be a great moneymaker for anyone starting out, since you'd also get some experience with site building & all the stuff that goes with it.
  7. kaizersuzi

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    Next Door2U
    Good thread. Thanks again for the share.
  8. let.me.earn

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    its my pleasure.
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    Jeez i must be unlucky or something but i have spent hours writing unique articles building linkwheels, submitting articles, paying for outsourcing etc etc, certainly not building crappy sites, and ive gone for the lowest hanging fruit i could find and never really earnt a penny from them. I have several sites and im lucky to get $0.05 a day!!
    Maybe flipping them or flopping them is the key - maybe ive just chosen the wrong niches or something - maybe numbers is the key?
  10. prplehaz3

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    wow, very long read...i thought site flipping sucked
  11. laurenzius

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    are you getting any traffic? what's your ctr? tell us more
  12. Madeezy

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    Oh my god!
  13. wowhaxor

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    It would be nice if dude would write flip instead of flop - that's about annoying as hell...
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    Where do you host all thoses sites ?
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    this is work?
    It's a play on words.You flip the flopped (failed) websites. I thought it was pretty funny.:D
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    When you are talking about google results,you mean in or without quotes??
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    Home Page:
    Great, serious share. I'm going to try it.
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    UK - Bristol
    haha when i seen this thread i was like, wtf? website flopping? thats a new one on me haha
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    how much do you think i can sell a website ranking on the 1st page with affiliate products and adsense but aged less than 1 old month based on your experience?
  20. irie08

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    This is interesting. As a web designer myself this would be easy to implement and I didn't think there would be a market for flipping "floppers" lol.

    I can see though from an above post, how these sites could passively generate more income long term than the short term sale amount. Nice post/copy ;).