How to let google know a blogger blog is redirected to a custom domain?

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    Hello everybody,

    I'm curious to know: if I redirect a blogger blog to a custom domain, What will google understand about my old blogger subdomain and new domain in following given conditions?

    - Google finds new domain urls.
    - Google finds new domain urls after a 301 redirect.

    I think google will index new domain urls and may penalize new domain or both subdomain and domain in SERP, in above given both conditions.

    I've read on a seomoz post; for redirecting properly, there is a step given - to provide old sitemap to your new domain. However, in blogger case, my new site is old site and I can only provide one sitemap that has it's new urls. So, in such case, I'm considering google-bot can not understand by sitemap that the blog was redirected from an old subdomain. The only way google-bot can understand it by old-url-backlinks.

    Finally, if google-bot finds 301 redirects, I think it will pass the Page-Rank and SERP, and remove old urls - but not instantly, it may take 2-3 weaks depending on the site value.

    I'm new here and in Internet Marketing, I may be wrong at some points.

    Please point out where I'm wrong, and provide suggestion!

    I'm going to switch a blogger blog to a custom domain, I'm currently getting 1500-2000 UV per day.

    Thanks in advance for your useful reply.
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