How to Launch a Blog aka Why Some Bloggers Get All the Traffic

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    Here is a cool article from about how to launch a blog...something most bloggers never do to really get visitors and subscribers right off the bat.

    Hope you enjoy and get some important info from it!

    Thanks to blog technologies like more and more people are starting to blog more than ever. Blogs include personal and private blogs to corporate blogs to help launch companies. Despite how easy it is to create a blog these days, most blogs do not receive any traffic or interaction. The reason does not have to do with how the blog or site was set up, but how it was marketed and shared people on the internet.

    One of the biggest marketing strategies that separates blogs that are wildly successful from blogs that never receive traffic (despite years of posts) is how the blog was initially launched. Most bloggers begin their site with the mindset that after a few posts, they will start to see traffic trickle in from somewhere which will then grow proportionally with the number of posts.
    Sadly, this notion is far from the truth, This is why it is essential to launch a blog to gain an initial following of readers, and then grow that initial batch of readers with future posts.
    How do you launch a blog or site though?

    Launching a blog is a 5 step process that follows as such:

    1. Make sure the design, onsite marketing tools, and technical framework are in place.
    2. Create an initial content foundation so visitors can get a feel for what your blog is about and have something to engage in.
    3. Do a prelaunch to build initial excitement and initial interaction
    4. Launch, syndicate, and re-purpose your initial content around the web.
    5. Create immediate interaction with the initial viewers to turn them into your audience base.
    Below I will break down each of these steps to give you an idea of everything you should consider doing while in the start-up launch phase of your blogging business.

    1. Make Sure the Design, Onsite Marketing Tools, and Technical Framework are Set

    Before you even begin to write content, you must make sure the framework of your blog is set and sturdy. This includes making sure your blog topic and niche are something that has a wide enough audience base, setting up the basic design, getting reliable hosting from a site such as, making sure you have registered a solid domain name from a site like, and other technical work. Don't bother using a free domain and hosting service like if you are serious about launching your site. I recommend using the self hosted and installing it with the one click install provided by hosting.
    Make Sure to:
    -Install Analytics such as Google Analytics to monitor traffic and feedback
    - Submit your site to Google Website Optimizer so Google will be notified each time you update your blog
    -Install social share icons next to your posts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others so your content can be shared around the web.
    -Install tools such as RSS and an optin form to capture and interact with visitors who come to your site. I recommend using to allow visitors to subscribe to your blog.
    - Create pages like an ‘About me' or ‘Contact me' on your blog that allow visitors to get to know you.
    - Install on page SEO plugins to help with future search engine rankings.

    2. Prepare a Content Foundation for Your Blog

    Before you begin marketing your blog, you need to write at least 5 quality posts with content about what your blog is about and why readers should subscribe to you. You only have one chance to make a great first impression. As mentioned before there are too many blogs out there and not enough time for people to read them all. That is why your blog needs to stand out in the readers mind as something that is worth their time and something that can help them in the future.
    It is also important to create at least 5 draft posts or 5 posts you have ready to publish but are not public yet. The reason for this is because you will be spending the majority of your time marketing and interacting with new readers of your blog. You will not have much time to put out new content and it is essential that you deliver a steady stream of valuable information right after your launch or that initial audience base you built up will lose interest fast.

    3. Do a Prelaunch of Your Blog

    A prelaunch will build initial interaction, start creating hype, and give you some valuable feedback about your blog before it is ‘officially' launched. During the prelaunch phase of your blog, make sure you have your content foundation set with comments turned on and social sharing turned on. Message a few bloggers or business owners in your targeted niche and let them know about your upcoming blog. Ask for feedback on the design, topic, content, etc. and encourage them to leave some initial comments (if you have previously commented on their blogs bought products from them, or are friends with them this will help your initial launch become more successful). If you are going to be running a contest later (which we will discuss soon) this is a good time to let them know.
    During your prelaunch you can also begin building social sharing platforms and start sharing some of your initial content foundation. When the actual full launch of the blog happens, visitors will see that you have some comments, have followers on social sharing sites like Twitter, and see that that some of your content has already been shared around the web. This will build credibility and increase shares and subscribers. It is well documented that the more shares or higher RSS subscribers a site has, the more likely other people will join and interact. You DO NOT want to launch your blog with 0 comments, no shares, and no followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, or whatever platform you will be using to share and syndicate content.

    4. Launch, Syndicate, Share, and Re-purpose your Initial Content.

    Once you have received feedback from other members in your niche and you have some interaction on your blog already, you are now ready to start the official launch of your blog. The purpose of a launch is to build excitement and attract a large number of visitors to your site to help build your audience.
    To accomplish this, you need to let as many people in your chosen niche know about your blog as fast as you can in a short period of time. This sudden wave of visitors will spark the interest of even more visitors giving you more traffic in a period of a few weeks than most blogs get their first entire year.

    How Do you Accomplish This? Here are a number of tactics successful launchers use to make sure their blog or site a success.

    First, it may be a good idea to hold a contest for the launch of your blog. The secret weapon of start-up success these days is to hold a contest and use the money yo would have spend on typical advertising on prize money or gadgets for the winner. The contest should push readers to engage more in your blog rather than just bribe them.
    Example of contests can include simple ones such as a free Macbook for the person who gets the most shares or pins for a certain article from your content foundation. Another idea is free ipods to the top 10 people who give a free ebook or report you wrote away the most.

    An easy way to increase comments or shares is to give away a free ipod to someone who leaves the best comment for a particular article. You can even use a service like to select a random winner.

    An easy way to build a massive number of Twitter or Facebook followers is to put up a banner that reads something like " Follow us on Twitter this week only for a chance to win one of 10 ipod nanos!" For something even better, you can run a campaign solely on Twitter and Tweet something like @yourblog is giving away free ipods at Http:// RT this message to participate!
    Next, You need to provide early incentives to those who subscribe first. For instance you can give away a free ebook, report, or ipod to the first 20 people who subscribe to your email list. Make it something really worth subscribing for your first 2 weeks of being live.

    To help generate that initial buzz, it is not a bad idea to run an ad campaign the first two weeks of the launch. This will not only attract a large number of viewers your first week, but help brand your blog as one that is serious and reliable. Instead of spreading out your ad campaign over the course of a year with one ad per month. Use 10 ads all in your first month of launching. Ads can be from other high traffic blogs in your niche to simple Google ad words or Facebook campaigns that run for a week.

    Share your base content.

    To start really getting traffic to your blog, it is essential that you reach out to other bloggers in your niche. Guest posting and guest commenting is one of the easiest ways to do this. Pick 10 or more high traffic, high quality blogs to develop relationships around and write the owners a high useful and educated guest posts. Then, ask each owner who agrees to submit your guest post to release them all on the same day and time. ‘Launch Blogging' as I call it is a very useful strategy not many people take advantage of when starting their website.

    Syndicate and Re-purpose Content

    Use those guest posts or your original base content ones and submit them to social sharing sites and syndication sites for even more visitors. Good ideas include blogging circles, article directories, web 2.0 sites like Squidoo or Hubpages, and press releases. After submitting each one, go ahead and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social share sites to increase view back to those syndicated articles which will in turn increase visitors to the original posts back at your blog. After syndicating one article around the web, re-purpose it into something like a YouTube video, Podcast, or ebook for even more exposure.

    Take Advantage of Media

    People want to see the face behind blogs and companies today. The more you can interact with people and show them your face the more successful your blog will be. Get in contact with media sites and let them know you are open to doing free interviews about the launch of your blog. Start with basic Podcast or guest interview posts and work your way up to live interviews with reporters.

    Step 5. Interact with Your Initial Audience Base

    This is one of the most important, but most ignored parts of starting a blog. It is essential that you be there for your readers and provide feedback and discussion for their initial posts. Get in the habit of commenting back on each post someone makes on your blog. This will generate discussion and lead to more comments and eventually more visitors.
    Let your audience know that you are not the typical blog or business, but you believe in ‘face to face' interaction. Don't end up like 99% of blogs and never comment or reply to readers. If new visitors see there is a helpful, friendly, and an interesting community going on at your website, they will be ten times more likely to subscribe via RSS or email and become a reoccurring reader. Try something like sending out an email via your autoresponder when visitors subscribe asking what they want to learn or what they want to see from the blog. If you get a reply, follow up and personally thank them for taking time out of their busy schedule, then in the future follow up and write a post about what they suggested. You will build relationships with readers doing tactics like this faster than all your competitors and grow your audience.

    There are many more tactics and strategies to launch a successful blog, but following these basic 5 steps will put you LIGHT YEARS ahead of most new blog owners.

    For more launching tips like these and more cool information visit the full post at
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