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[How to] keep you Tumblr alive, while you milk it [bonus pics]

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by mindmaster, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Sep 16, 2010
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    I've seen more and more people promoting on tumblr and getting their accounts banned.

    Here is my take on tumblr for accounts I want to last:

    Manual work
    I know it hurts, but if your getting accounts banned and your using a bot to create them, this might be the cause or one of them.
    I used to create up to 10 accounts from same ip a few weeks ago. Now I just play safe; 1ip/account.

    I prefer to use gallery themes; those that display the pictures side by side. I know many avoid these, but stay with me, there's a trick to it.. or two. Although these themes don't provide the outbound link on the main blog (yoururl.tumblr.com), it provides even greater value. Here is way. First. Most that will follow you (real humans) will visit your blog page and they won't see any ugly outbound link. So they will think you are real. Now all its left is that your content is good enough that people will follow you. Second advantage is that all tumblr posts displayed on the dashboard have their clickthrough link available (this is the main source for traffic). Also when someone reblogs your outbound (clickthrough) will be displayed on their tumblr.

    This advantages are great for seo as well, if you want to grow it and gain some nice PR on it faster.

    Eventually when your tumblr grows and starts getting noticeable amounts of traffic from search engines you can switch to another theme.

    Also remember to upload a nice avatar, put in a nice title and a description.
    Avoid putting any type of ads on your tumblr, especially from adult niches. Get the traffic out of tumblr and monetize it as you wish.

    Get that queue posts Full
    Now get down and make a nice collection of pictures for your tumblr. Around 200-300 should do the job. I use bots and tumbloadr (works better with firefox). Make sure that the time interval is set for all day. No click through link, No source link. Use tags and description for every post. Preferably use different tags and description for each post. If you can do this, from my experience the traffic is increased 3-4 times. Best thing is that you start to show up on tumblr search much sooner.
    Depending if you post to your tumblr from other sources (nexscripts, ifftt, reblogs) I prefer to have a maximum of 50 posts/reblogs in one day. I usually stay between 30-40/day and when I start to drive traffic out of tumblr I have a mix of posts with outbound links and with no links.

    After you have done all the customization and filled the queue posts, let it sit for 2-3 days.
    Tip: if you are going to use a software to follow/like/reblog/post, keep the same ip for each and every account. These is just an extra measure to stay as safe as possible.

    For those in the adult niche, I'll post later my imacros to submit your pics on smutty.

    Here are a few photos to keep you entertained until then.

    You can use advance renamer (free software) to give each picture a unique name.

    Virus scan is not available as all files have over 32mb.
    girls softcore -
    food -
    Each file has about 1,200 photos. Maybe I'll post more later.
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