How to JV with someone to act as a competent Project Manager

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    The full title is meant to be: "Anyone joint venture with someone by being a 'silent partner' OR how to hire competent project managers." I figured this was the best place to discuss this topic, but if the mods deem it more relevant in another section, please have my apologies.

    I. A little background:

    I have quite a few domain names (read: too many), with a only few dozen currently running as active businesses and websites. Yet for every purchase I make, each domain is intended to become a site or business. However, in my mind and in a cost-benefit sort of way, much of these sites I currently don't have the time to develop. Basically, the unquantifiable potential profit is unattractive to focus my sole attention on, in a sense because it would distract me from the opportunities that are known.

    Since beginning my IM journey back in 2004, I have learned enough to be a jack-of-all-trades online. I'm sure many who follow the same path that I have are in similar positions. I've grown to become more specialized in a few skills over the years, and found out where my strengths and weaknesses lay and what I'm most comfortable doing. This isn't to say that I won't be scrappy and do the stuff that is 'unfun' if I have to (eg. "get shit done"), but that I'd prefer to outsource that and leverage what I do consider fun and enjoyable.

    For example, the unsexy parts to me are the day to day managing of the sites. Sales and responding to emails from clients/vendors/potential customers, creating content to push out to gain backlinks/longtail search terms, email blasting newsletters to subscribers - this sort of thing. Don't get me wrong, I've worked as a 'growth hacker' in the past, and parts of it are really enjoyable. I enjoy creating things from scratch (UI/UX, Backend Processes), testing, analyzing, optimizing, and finding opportunities that allow the project to grow. That's what gives me more satisfaction. I guess you would call me something of a 'serial maker/tinkerer'.

    II. A Question

    What I would like to ask the community of BHW is: how do you hire or JV up with individuals who are competent, dependable, and trustworthy enough to run things in my 'absence'. By absence, I mean without my direct oversight and can just run with the vision? Four of the most recent projects I've worked/am working on require(d) my constant attention, as I try to ramp up each collaborator. What sold me on joining with each them usually was a combination of their energy, devotion, and willingness to learn (if not subject matter expertise in the given niche) - but having to revisit and basically teach all aspects of the 'unfun' stuff (typically fundamentals of SEO/SMM/SEM/Email/content writing/editing/etc) has been draining, not to mention removed me from what I consider crucial to build at the same time. A question I've asked myself - is the failure is my own, in that I have not been an effective manager or communicator to them?

    Moving forward, should I just look into hiring a project manager to run each new project after I develop it and hand it off, or just go the route of sharing joint venture ownership but selecting candidates with more knowledge in areas I would rather not do?

    A few potential pros and cons are readily apparent to either scenario, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something.

    Anyways, I'll end the rant here, and I look forward to the constructive feedback from the community.