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How to Increase Youtube Views

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by jasqui, May 2, 2009.

  1. jasqui

    jasqui Regular Member

    Aug 11, 2008
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    I am going to work on a simple way to increase youtube views. It will work on a trust system. In order for it to work you will need to have firefox and a free plugin. Basically all you do is open FF open the plugin and let it run for a while. The more videos the better for everyone. If anybody has an interest in this feel free to post here or send me a PM.

    This will not give you the amount you can get on the G3 one but depending on the amount of people it should get you a decent amount.

    Also I would have the ability to rate videos if you have a youtube account. That you can use.

    Comments would be hard because well. They would be extremely generic. If any has an interest in this let's get it going.

    I have a dedicated server I can run it on for myself and can generate around 1K views on my videos easy. The problem I am having is with the IPS, I do not have enough to increase much more and do it fast.

    If other people join and set this up I can load everyones videos everyday and all you would have to do is run it on your system when you can.
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  2. skyizm

    skyizm Newbie

    Jun 6, 2009
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    Video promoting
    Somewhere in the world
    i can give u real views...if u want them millions of views pm me if u need them...u can get sales leads from my views...coz i will be giving u real views...real comments and real ratings 5 star
  3. pedropsr16

    pedropsr16 Newbie

    May 2, 2009
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    I can help, please tell me when it's ready
  4. juanlu79

    juanlu79 Registered Member

    Feb 23, 2009
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    Hey! I'm also in, just let me know what do you need me to do. Pm with details.