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How to increase traffic to your website – most effective REALLY working strategies???

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Articlewriter2012, May 14, 2012.

  1. Articlewriter2012

    Articlewriter2012 Registered Member

    Jan 19, 2012
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    There are many ways to generate traffic Online. One of them is using search engine traffic via SEO. In the light of latest Google updates (Panda+Penguin), following these guidelines should with time bring you great ranking results:

    • Decent onpage SEO
      • Keyword in title ? natural, enticing to click
      • Keyword URL
      • Keyword in meta description, enticing to click
      • Use all page keywords for meta keyword tag
      • Keyword in 1[SUP]st[/SUP] and last paragraphs
      • LSI and long tail keyword used naturally within article
      • No keyword specific keyword density, no keyword stuffing - just write naturally
      • Do not over-optimize your content
    • Good Interlinking of your website pages
    • Link out to authority websites in your niche (not direct competitors though!); nofollow them
    • Use multi-tier link building with top-quality links in tier 1 (direct linking)
    • Try to get some quality back-links from authority ?on-topic? resources (via informative blog commenting, e.g.)
    • Avoid low-quality link blasts especially for tier1
    • Use drip feed
    • Build link continuously and consistently adding some randomness
    • Using a HUGE variety of anchor texts centered around your main keywords; use domain URL and generic terms (click here, check out, visit this site etc)
    • High IP Diversity- for your back-links (best - C-class level or higher)
    • Try to get some homepage links from sites with low OBLs
    • Add continuous social signals (FB, Twitter, +1?s, Social Bookmarks etc.) correlated with your content updates
    • Create and publish top quality informative content for link bait
    • Update content on a regular basis (min once a week)
    • Stimulate comments and actively interact with visitors on your site
    Now I what I?ve discussed above is only SEO. However, I know that many people also use various other traffic generation techniques both paid and free, including:

    • Article marketing
    • Video marketing
    • Email marketing
    • PPC ( Pay Per Click)
    • PPV (Pay Per View)
    • Social Media Marketing- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
    Have you used any of those strategies or other techniques for driving traffic to your websites? How effective are they compared to SEO? Please share your success stories here.

    Looking forward to the discussion J