How to increase traffic to non english sites (Italian, Russian)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by seoguy81, Jun 22, 2011.

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    While I have had good success with my English site, i'm practically stuck for ideas when it comes to pushing my Italian, Russian sites (hosting on my subdomain such as it.mydomain and ru.mydomain)

    As a general practice, I submit my content to Digg/StumbleUpon/Vkontakte/Delicious. My sites are indexed quite well and I get regular traffic via Yandex/Rambler/ and

    While it helps to a certain extent i'm unable to increase the visitors to my site. I have managed to syndicate my content so other local webmasters are auto feeding my rss to their sites (but considering their sites are way below in traffic) it doesn't help much.

    I also ensure to update my blog with two posts every day.

    Is there something I can do besides just social bookmarking and content syndication?

    P.S: On another note, while I haven't yet tried this, does any one have any success stories in using scrapebox in other languages?

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    content is a king. add more content daily.