How to Increase PR of my site from PR2 to PR4


Junior Member
Nov 22, 2009
My site is stuck on PR2 for the last 1 year. I want to increase it toPR4, although I get some links regularly but no effect in PR.
Well as your pr increases, the difficulty also increases. Just like games in which difficulty increases with increase in levels.
For pr4 try and get links from sites(do follow) with pr5 and above. However as has been discussed many times on here, pr is becoming less and less relevant so why bother unless it's for advetizing or flipping the site. HTH
thanks, but my site is not increasing the rank on Google despite several efforts, it is stuck on number 9 position, thats why I was thinking to increase PR of my site.
PR is only relevant to the amount of resources Google uses to spider your site. But for rankings, Ive got several sites that are PR0-PR2 that rank higher than PR6 sites.
Could you please provide me a list of authoritative sites.
How do I know which site is authoritative, do sites like yahoo answers are authoritative.
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