How to Increase More Revenue in My Blog Site via Adsense ??

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by LiveSolution14, Mar 19, 2014.

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    Hello Guys, I have My Own Blog for Technology Related.. I have all Ready Adsense Approved Account.. I want to Know How to Increase Revenue via Adsense ?? Please give me Real Method for Increasing Revenue via My Blog Site..Thanks for Co-Operation !!
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    Well first thing would be .. to start writing like a normal human.

    If you want to increase your revenue you need to target good keywords and have nice CTR. Try to optimize your ads
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    Match the font and colors to the rest of your site. Make the links, ad title and Nessie button the same color as the "action color" that you use on the rest of your site. For example, if all your site's links are red, make the ad title, URL and Nessie button the exact same shade of red.

    If you use Times New Roman on your blog, change the ad font to Times New Roman.

    Use only Google suggested ad formats which are the highest converting. There's that 368 something something rectangle one, that's good. 160x600 skyscraper... That leaderboard one. Use those. Place them in high converting locations, and embed into the body of text using divs with float:left style attributes (or float:right) so text wraps around the ads.

    Use text and images rather than just one or the other for leaderboards and skyscrapers. For the square/rectangle ones just use text only and place it right at the end of your post. At the end of your blog posts visitors are looking for somewhere new to navigate to so ads here usually convert really well. Block third party ad networks as I heard some of them raise security flags and you don't want that stuff associated with your site.

    With my Adsense ads all 3 are embedded into the text of my articles with a link ad in the sidebar. Remember, you can have 3 regular Adsense ads and 3 Adsense link units maximum.

    Make ad font size large and make your site's text smaller than the ad font so the ads are more eye-catching.

    My CTR is around 1.2% but is higher on pages with less writing. Just that some pages NEED more text to compete with other sites ranking in the top 10 so CTR suffers a little.
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    You have 2 option:
    1.Increase CTR
    2.Get more traffic

    Option 1 is limit and have some risk.
    Option 2: you need SEO, or promote your site at Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, forum. More traffic will increase your revenue.